Sweetheart Saturday|A Tribute To Five Years

This is a guest post written by Stephanie at Making Time for Me. Thank you Steph for choosing to share this beautiful story with your neighbors in this blog village.

When you get your heart broken by someone who has been your friend for 25 years, you might think twice before looking for love again. Or…you can choose to see it as an opportunity to find what was missing the first time.  You can take it as the big sign that it is and believe that whatever is meant to be will be.

In July of 2011, three months after my divorce was final, I met Paul.  From our very first conversation, it was effortless.  Talking to him about anything and everything, opening up to him and being honest about who I was, what had happened and how it affected me. I didn’t know then that he was coming into my life, our life to make sense out of everything that had happened over the last year.  He was coming into my life for balance, for clam, for understanding and most of all for life changing love.
Steph ❤ Paul
We spent all the time we could together in those first few weeks.  Whenever I didn’t have the kids, we would have dinner and watch the baseball games together.  He would grill for me or I would cook for him, we’d have a few beers and lay on the couch together, simple as that. We didn’t need all the bells and whistles.  We were doing the exact same thing to court each other as we now do in our everyday life. Enjoying spending time together, holding each other and chatting with each other about our days and other random nonsense.
I wish that I had been blogging then so that I had actual accounts of the steps in our relationship.  To see if they are as beautiful and “fairy tale” as they are in my head.  Or maybe it is good that I don’t have them, so they can stay magical.  We were goofy, cheesy and corny with each other.  The way that you would be with a teenage crush. A few weeks into knowing each other, Paul felt like he wanted to tell me that he loved me, but he couldn’t possibly right? I mean we had only known each other a short while. Well, as we had a conversation we ended up telling each other “I google you”.  Meaning that when we looked at each other our eyes got all “googly” because we were in love. But surely we couldn’t use the word yet.  I don’t remember when that word got used, but it couldn’t have been more than a week or two later!
For my birthday, in August, Paul gave me something so simple.  We had met online and as his “gift” to me, he wrote me a letter on that site telling me that would be his last communication on there.  That he was deactivating his profile, because he had found his person, so he didn’t need it anymore. Then in September, while celebrating his birthday he proposed to me.  I don’t recall even talking about marriage with him before this point.  The proposal wasn’t planned, he just felt it and he asked.  It was a beautiful, intimate, honest and real moment that I will never forget.
We got married three and a half months later.  We will be celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary on New Year’s Eve. We have spent five years together.  Is that forever, oh hell no!  It isn’t even a tenth of the time that I hope to have with him.  However, it is our five years.  The five years that we have spent choosing each other.  Choosing to love, honor and cherish each other. Five years that we have been working together to make this crazy life make sense. Five years that have shown me that everything happens for a reason.

Thanks again Steph for sharing this! 

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