Whatever Wednesday|A Mother’s Love

Being a mom myself, I know the power of a mama’s love for her child. That kind of love that makes you fiercely protective, the kind that will make you sacrifice any and everything for the good of your baby, the kind that reassures you that all that you do is worth it especially when you get an unexpected cuddle. That mama bear love isn’t reserved for bears or mamas of the human species.

It’s actually quite inspiring to see the lengths that animals will go through to protect their young. When I was growing up,  people made comments along the lines of animals not having feelings or not knowing how to love to the capacity humans can. Having grown up with dogs that didn’t seem accurate to me but I never let that be more than someone’s opinion that I heard in passing. Watching these videos shows me that mamas of all kinds will do anything to protect and care for their babies.

This video is what prompted today’s post-

I started the next video 19 seconds in because there’s no need to see the baby bunnies in the hold the snake has them in. If you want to see it from the beginning by all means I just want to give you fair warning in case it’s disturbing to you…

This video was so incredible to me! The first half was so distressing to watch, I just wanted them to scoop that little elephant out of the water but the way they worked together and kept their cool was amazing!

I know this isn’t a mama bear saving her cub but further to animals not having feelings…it’s pretty incredible to see this bear save another animal.

Isn’t it amazing to witness animals showing compassion, love and caring for another animal? In what other ways are you inspired by animals? Have you come across a great video of a four legged mama or an animal showing compassion? Share it along with your thoughts on this post in the comments section!

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10 Replies to “Whatever Wednesday|A Mother’s Love”

  1. There is that special connection with a mother isn’t there? I’ve not seen any great video’s of that connection, but I’ve seen and heard of great act of kindness and courage that come from a mother.

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  2. So true! Those videos definitely convey a message of the fearless love of a mother. Have seen all the videos on FB, except the baby bunnies one.
    Love the elephants video. Incredible team work with elephants, like you mentioned.

    Nothing like a mother’s love.

    I never was a mother, but my animals are my children and I will feircely protect them as the mothers in these videos do. 🙂 Love all animals and children as if they were my own.


  3. Amazing. You are right. My mom is an incredible woman in so many ways. After all of the hard things that have happened between us, all the trauma from my childhood that I have processed, all the times I have vented and unloaded my frustration on her and heaped blame on her for my eating disorder and the pain of my past and present, she would still do ANYTHING for me if I was in need. There is actually a difference between my father and mother in this respect. My father doesn’t show the same self-sacrificing instinct. Even though my mom made many mistakes in the way she raised her children, and we pay the price for it, she didn’t do it for lack of love.

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    1. That’s so amazing that you are able to see that Lulu. I can relate to the difference between your mom and dad. Being a mom myself, I know that instinct to protect and sacrifice for your kids. It runs deep and it feels like a primal instinct. I’m not an expert but I think fathers are wired differently in that respect. They play an important role but I think theirs is to protect, provide and make logical choices. I could be wrong but that’s how I see it going back to ancient times and even ringing true today. I love how you put that into perspective, that her mistakes weren’t for lack of love. It sounds like you are saying that she did the best she could with what she had. From that place, comes healing.

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    1. No there’s not! I know!!! Oh my gosh, I was a wreck watching it at first and saw the relief in the elephant’s demeanor when they got that baby out of there! They are such amazing animals! I love watching animals in general, they are incredible in their own way.

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