Meet & Greet Weekend!

Things have been too hectic for me to hold a meet and greet for a while but this weekend I’m hosting a meet and greet! I’m really excited to meet new bloggers in this blog village and get to know neighbors in your part of the blogosphere! Be sure to spread the word because you telling your neighbors where the block party is at is what makes this so much fun!

If this is your first weekend attending one of my meet and greets, I’ll tell you a little about it. My meet and greets are themed so that we can get the conversation started. We interact with one another which really shows in the clicks because the more you comment the more people tend to click on that blog. We always come with a link in hand to another blogger’s post or blog so we can spread the blog love. This is a great way to get exposure to your blog but also meet new to you bloggers and get to know the a bit.

This weekend’s theme will be revealed on Friday! Can’t wait to see you there! Spread the word and I’ll see you then!

12 Replies to “Meet & Greet Weekend!”

    1. Thanks Jason. I got the clue from you and Danny 🙂 I love creating a sense of community and not just a stand alone blog. The interaction is what makes the blog experience worth it for me. Make sure to say hi if you stop by this weekend 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the long weekend!

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