Sweetheart Saturday|Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder or Farther

During my 9 year relationship with my husband, we’ve been apart several times (mostly for business trips). It’s funny because even though we know we’ll miss each other we get excited about it in a way. We know we will be giddy and excited to talk to one another. We won’t have a chance to send text messages or have short phone conversations throughout the day. We’ll be deprived of our half-dozen interactions we normally have because of the meetings, training schedules and other work related restraints on my time. By the time I’d get to my hotel room, we’d be dying to talk to each other. 

What I’ve learned is that my love language is quality time and even though there was distance there was also connection. We didn’t have the daily routine to interfere and distract us. We’d talk for hours on the phone and that took me back to why our relationship was so great to begin with. When we were dating we’d spend hours just talking. Somewhere down the road we ran out of things to talk about for hours on end, work got in the way and running the house consumed our time. So these business trips had a way of taking us back to when things were more simple in our relationship and helped us to reconnect. It’s been a couple of years since either one of us has been on a business trip but we know how to get to that place without needing the space. When we start to go over the bumps that signal a rough patch ahead we know that we need to do a better job of connecting. We’ll have late night talks on the couch, he’ll keep me company while I prepare a meal in the kitchen, or just go for a family adventure. It’s taken a few years for us to realize why these brief periods of distance helped us so much. It’s not because we needed a break from each other or because we needed a separation but because it made us feel closer to one another.


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Can you relate? Have you had a similar experience? Does distance make the heart grow fonder or farther in your relationship? Have you discovered what your love language is? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section!

13 Replies to “Sweetheart Saturday|Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder or Farther”

  1. I can definitely relate. Of the 7 years my husband and I have been a couple, 2.5 of those added all together, have been long distance, living in different, him going out of the country to play in a music festival, him going to basic training, and now with him being deployed. It’s like a mini-honeymoon at each reunion. 🙂

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    1. Yeah altogether we’re around 3-4 years as well. That wouldn’t work for some couples and I know several that only see each other once a week and it works great! As long as the balance works for each couple, that’s what matters 🙂


  2. I can relate to this Niki. My husband is currently away and, whilst it was hard initially, it’s also been good for us and healthy for our relationship. I miss him but I’m getting used to refocusing on other things and it gives us so much more to talk about when he gets home. Thanks for a great post and hope you’re well. Hugs xo

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    1. I’m glad that you’re finding the time to focus on things that might have been set aside. I hope you guys have some wonderful conversations when he gets back and feel that reconnection and butterflies after not seeing him as much as usual ❤ I'm glad you enjoyed this. Take care my dear friend!

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