Fit Friday Reblog!|Health Benefits of Drinking Water Via: Lean Waist Warrior

This seems like a fitting topic for Fit Friday considering how hot it is here in Hades Arizona! It’s important to drink plenty of water all year around but this post I came across lists several great reminders as to why we should be mindful of keeping our daily intake up. For all of those that struggle to keep up with your water intake, there’s cute bottles and infusers that you can use to help you out. So onto the benefits of drinking the right amount of water- 

Written by R. S Jacobs Have you noticed that the health and fitness industry is largely focused on external physical health, but very little is discussed about how important internal health is in achieving our goals? Remember as kids, our parents would always reiterate the importance of drinking water, even when all we want is […]

via Health Benefits of Drinking Water — Lean Waist Warrior

10 Replies to “Fit Friday Reblog!|Health Benefits of Drinking Water Via: Lean Waist Warrior”

    1. This is a reblog so I can’t take credit for the content, be sure to leave some love on the original blogger’s post if you didn’t already 😉 I’m glad that you got your message 🙂

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  1. Great post Niki. Drinking enough H2O is critical in hit whether. I find I am liking cold tea. The kind you can buy from David’s or Starbucks and brew as you would normal tea, but it’s made to be drank cold. I think you need more of the flavour for cold tea 🙂 lemons with water, also great!

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    1. Thanks, this is a reblog of another blogger’s post, be sure to show them your love if you didn’t already. I’m s pretty decent water drinker but every now and then I do crave…flavor 😉

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