Teachable Moments

I’ve decided to change my topics a little bit. As much as I love Travel Thursdays, I don’t travel enough for it to be a weekly topic. So that will be something I post about when we take a special trip. The thought-provoking post will move from Tuesday to Thursday and Tuesdays will be about teachable moments. They say we learn something new every day. If life were a classroom, sometimes I’d say I wasn’t paying attention to the lesson. So I want to open myself up to being more aware of the lessons that life is trying to teach me. It might be patience, grace, it could be an answer to something that I have to work for. Whatever it may be, I want to look out for it throughout the week and write about it. Maybe you’ll learn from my teachable moment or it will remind you to look for your own teachable moments. Since Tuesday’s post was on a thought-provoking topic, I won’t post about it twice in one week. I’ll just be open to looking for the teachable moments and incorporate it into Tuesday’s post.


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Are you aware of the teachable moments in your life? What are your thoughts on this topic?

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