#Momlife Monday|Home

I loved this Soulpancake video asking “what does home mean to you?”. For me, home is wherever my family is. I moved around a lot growing up so I don’t have an attachment to a specific house or even a city or country. For me home is a feeling. It’s a feeling of love, belonging, being surrounded by those I love most, and just feeling complete. I strive to make home a feeling for my kids as well because we’ve also moved a lot but at the end of the day my girls feel at home wherever we are because they feel the security of love. When the day comes that we get our RV I can’t wait to paint a little sign to hang in the window that says “Home is where you park it!” because that really is how I feel. No matter where I am, I’ve always felt at home because my heart is full of the love and acceptance of my family.

What does home mean to you? Is it a place? Is it something about a place? Is it a feeling? Is it a person? How do you make your kids feel they’re at home? Is it with special routines? Is it with actions? Words? I’d love to hear your story!


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