Travel Thursday- A Market & A Marathon

This past weekend was mine and the girls’ last weekend before we head back to the States to visit my mom for the summer. My husband will be staying to work while I take advantage of their summer break to get my Life Coaching certification. We figured we’d make the most of the weekend and took an impromptu trip. 

We took the long way through the backroads in the mountains to get to the other side of the island. The drive is scenic and serene; beats riding on the highway for an hour watching cars whiz by. On our way, we noticed there was a little farmer’s market so we decided to see what little treasures we could find. We ended up having a delicious breakfast! I had a slice of the lemon pound cake. It was light and fluffy not too tart and the top was the slightest bit toasted with a crumbly crunch to it and the faintest hint of sweetness which complimented the lemon flavor beautifully! My husband opted for the carrot cake which was good I’m just not so into carrot cake. My oldest had a brownie which was big enough to feed us all! We grabbed my step-dad a bottle of locally made prickly pear liqueur. I tasted it and it was a bit strong for my liking but he drinks gin and tonic so I think it will be a sweet exotic drink to his tastebuds.

We continued our drive through the mountains that took us on twists and turns playing peek a boo with the landscape. We’d get a glimpse of the ocean only to turn and be facing the luscious green mountainside again. We went through many tunnels that were built through protrusions in the mountain too dangerous to build a road on the edge of. We held our breath each time we entered a tunnel to see who could hold it the longest. There was one that we were barely able to hold on long enough to make it through because the tunnel was so long! By the time we made it to our new to us destination, we were ready to eat. As we arrived using a different route we got a little disoriented but were pleasantly surprised to discover so many new things by exploring just a few streets away from our usual path. We had a quick lunch and strolled along the beautiful charming cobblestone streets. The sun was intense and beat down on us mercilessly. When we left it was cloudy and we expected it to be colder yet because that area generally doesn’t boast of weather as nice as where we live.

We drank plenty of water and continued our adventure. We came across two very interesting crosswalks we’ve never seen before. I should have also taken pictures of the buildings we came across because several had beautiful works of art on them but I was so busy taking it all in that I forgot. There was a marathon going on that participants trek all over the island and end up finishing where we happened to explore that day. Every time a participant would run by us, we’d clap to cheer them on. Sometimes we’d be the only ones clapping and other times people seated at nearby restaurants would turn to look and then the whole area would be clapping and cheering them on! It was a lot of fun to watch and the girls had fun encouraging the runners. By the end of our 7 and a half hour adventure we were all tuckered out and I had to get my phone out to take a picture of the first sitting bull I’d ever seen 😉

Have you been on any adventures lately? Any exciting stories to share? Any summer plans? I’d love to hear your travel related thoughts!

17 Replies to “Travel Thursday- A Market & A Marathon”

  1. You’ve reminded me of times I used to spend exploring the mountains or the desert or the beaches with my son. How nice to have such memories when you have to be parted from your husband and busy while your kids are out of school. Best of luck with your Certification — it won’t be too long till you’re able to go exploring again!

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    1. Awww I’m so glad that could trigger memories of your own adventures! Yeah the pictures of various trips are my home screen of my phone so it’s nice to remember details of those days when I look at my phone 🙂 Thank you! You’re right this summer will fly by 🙂

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  2. Happy holiday, I hope you have a lovley time visiting your mum, she will be thrilled to have you back and to spend so much time with the girls. It is heart-wrenching when your children and grandchildren live so far away. These weeks will be so precious. 💕

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