Whatever’s On My Mind Wednesday- Hatred Kills

I generally don’t touch on news stories on my blog for a couple of reasons.

  1. I don’t watch the news
  2. I ignore the majority of news on my social media feeds unless it’s raising awareness about an issue, I don’t want to feed off of the negativity buffet

There have been a couple of stories within the past week that I just couldn’t believe.

The first was Christina Grimmie a YouTube singer that placed third in “The Voice” a couple of years ago. She was signing autographs after a concert when she was shot, in front of her brother who now has to live the rest of his life having witnessed his baby sister be taken in such a violent, senseless and tragic way. The gunman apparently didn’t know her and committed suicide. My heart breaks for a life cut short, the family of the victim who is missing a piece of their family that had their whole life ahead of them. I can’t help but feel bad for the family of shooter; their lives will never be the same. People that know them will never look at them the same way. They will be tainted with the actions committed by someone who is no longer here to face the judgement or consequences of a decision he made that ruined so many lives in the matter of moments.


The other story is the shooting in Orlando. My mind can’t even make sense of what would prompt someone do such a thing. A club full of people having a good time, enjoying their Saturday night, dancing, drinking, laughing. What should have been a night that ended with a headache in the morning from too many drinks, flirting that resulted in a ruined shirt thanks to that drink getting spilled, or the anticipation every time a notification came in on the phone over the next few days wondering if it could be the cute guy finally texting after the exchange of numbers. Instead it was a night that the nation world will never forget due to the hate crime committed by an individual targeting a group of unarmed and unsuspecting people.

Stories like that make me want to read about the victims. I feel like their memory is being honored in some way by getting to know about who they were, the life they lived, the people that loved them. I say a short prayer for those that were left behind. I stay away from articles that talk about the person that committed the heinous crime because I don’t want to give their heartless actions any power with recognition. Even though in both of these stories, the gunman died I still feel it’s disrespectful to the victims to focus on the person that took their lives.

I don’t know anyone that’s involved but my heart goes out to the families, friends, and communities touched by these crimes. While Orlando is in my thoughts, I’m aware that many of the victims were from other states and even outside of the country. The hurt extends beyond Orlando. I’m not proposing to have a solution because I don’t. All I know is that my stomach is turning and my heart aching for all of the people that have lost someone they love in such a violent way. My sincere hope is that people can learn to respect differences even if they don’t accept them as their own. A little compassion, consideration, understanding and kindness go a long way. Events like this have a way of uniting communities and nations but I wish that it wouldn’t take tragedy for us to come together as one. At the end of the day, we are all apart of the same puzzle. Sending lots of light and love out into the world, especially to those touched by violence during this tragic time. My deepest condolences.

3 Replies to “Whatever’s On My Mind Wednesday- Hatred Kills”

  1. The Orlando shooting was a bit close to home for my family. We live 2 hours from Orlando and my eight year old daughter was just there last weekend for a tour with her dance group. What these tragedies have made me aware of is the hate and political rhetoric that is rampant on social media. At first, I voiced my opinion. After observing the hate and further rhetoric that I received in response, I’ve resigned myself that I need to change my interaction on social media. Although I will still watch the news to form my actions based on what’s going on in the world, I will be moving away from any type of commentary or responses on social media. It’s sad, but these platforms have given everyone an equal platform for expressing ideas no matter how well-informed or ignorant they may be.

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    1. Yeah I’m not very vocal about issues on social media like Facebook unless it’s a story that brings awareness to a topic or includes a solution. I don’t realize how many people I know have such hateful feelings about a topic until I read their comments…and forget reading comments on the articles themselves! This is the first time I’ve voiced my own opinion about something like this. The first was a reblog about Trump’s toxic comments. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but respect for the lives of others is non-negotiable.

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