Kindness Challenge Check In!

Attention all Kindness Challenge participants!

I just wanted to check in and see how this week’s focus is going for you. Are you finding the exercises to be helpful? Have you come up with your own exercise? How are you feeling this week? If you are struggling with this week’s focus, be sure to check out reflections of your fellow participants. There is a lot of encouragement and insight in their posts. If this week is going well for you, we’d love to celebrate with you! Share that in the comments as well! I look forward to hearing back no matter what week you’re on!

6 Replies to “Kindness Challenge Check In!”

  1. I thought of you and your kindness challenge Tuesday afternoon on the way home. And this time because of a kindness shown to me.
    It was 100 degrees and the AC in the car is out, so I took a different side street home that I hadn’t been on before. I thought maybe a slower street with less traffic would have less radiant heat baking me on my drive.
    Well, the speed limit was 30, but I didn’t realize it…until the officer stopped me going 40. He also brought up a nonworking brake light, which I didn’t know about. I couldn’t argue with him. Going over the limit, just because I was ignorant of what it was is no excuse. I knew I was at fault, and remained polite and didn’t get rude or belligerent.
    He ended up only writing me a fix-it ticket for the brake light, and gave me a warning on the speed. When I thanked him (profusely!!) he replied, “Thank you for your courtesy.”
    So remaining calm and polite was to my benefit and this time I was the recipient of a kindness.

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