Week 6 Kindness Challenge- Kind Inspiration

Attention all Kindness Challenge Participants!

I can’t believe we’re down to the last two weeks of the Kindness Challenge! There have been so many changes and self-discoveries throughout this process. We’ve focused on looking at the world around us in a different way. We’ve reminded ourselves to act and react from a place of kindness. We work on different aspects of kindness every week and practice them so that they become apart of our lifestyle. This week we are going to pay attention to people who inspire us to be more kind.

Tip: You’re never too old for a role model! If you don’t have a kindness role model, pick one or you could always be one!

This week’s focus is to think of who inspires you to be more kind.

Who are the people that make you want to live a more kind and gentle life? Is it someone that inspires you through their example? It might be someone you know personally, someone past or present, someone you’ve never met in person. Maybe it’s not a person at all! Is there an animal that inspires you to live a more kind and considerate life? What traits do they have that make you want to incorporate that into your life? How can you practice that in your own life? It could also be someone that drives you to be more kind. Do they look up to you? Are you living a life that’s leading by the example you want to set for them?


Week 6 exercises- Pick at least one of the following to help you incorporate this week’s focus in your life:

Think of at least one person that inspires/drives you to be more kind and-

For someone that inspires you:

  • List traits about them that you admire
  • Pick 3 traits that are important to you and find a way to practice them in your life
  • Write a journal entry telling why this person inspires you
  • Put a picture, quote or something that reminds you of this person in a place you’ll see it often (vision board, wallet, etc.) as a reminder to make kind choices
  • If it’s someone famous, do a little research on them (read a biography or watch a documentary). Maybe you can discover something you didn’t know about their life and find out what drove them to live a more kind life
  • Find your own way to draw inspiration from this person and utilize it

For someone that drives you:

  • Write down 5 reasons they make you want to be more kind
  • Make notes of ways that you can teach them kindness by your example
  • Keep a photo of them close by as a reminder to live your life by the example you want to set for them with your daily choices
  • Write a journal entry telling why you’d want them to describe you as a kind person if they had only 3 words to describe you
  • Come up with your own exercise

Please bookmark this post so it’s easy to find as you’ll want to pingback (link) your reflection for week 6 here! The current challenge post will be featured on the homepage for easy access or you can click on the “Weekly Links” under the Kindness Challenge page to find your way back here.

If you aren’t currently on week 6 of the challenge, click here to find the post for the week you’re on.


Week 6 blog prompt- After practicing the exercises for the week:

Tell about this week’s exercises. What was it like? Who did you pick? Did you focus on someone that inspired you or someone you’re motivated by? Did you pick more than one person? Tell us about who you chose. What makes them stand out? Did you find you had any qualities in common? Did you find ways to  practice those traits in your own life? It’s your story, tell it however you like!

Be sure to ping back to this post so that we can read each other’s experiences along the journey. To maximize the reach of this challenge, use this hashtag on social media #RevofKindness. 

Don’t forget to check out fellow bloggers’s posts. Pingbacks are in the comments section. Show them some love on their posts, let’s interact and encourage one another!

If you aren’t on the WordPress platform, please leave a link to your reflection post in the comments so others can find their way there! 

For details on how the challenge started see this post.

Sign up here. There is no deadline to start. If you miss the start date, feel free to start from week 1 and work your way through the challenge, we’ll be waiting for you at the finish line!

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    1. Awww thank you for sharing that Brenda. 🙂 No worries, my goal was for anyone to be able to incorporate it into their daily life. If you can’t participate in an “official” capacity, feel free to continue to follow along. You might be surprised and find yourself tossing out some extra seeds of kindness anyway 😉

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