#Momlife Monday- Seeing Yourself Through Your Child’s Eyes

One of my favorite things to do is see life through the eyes of a child. Now that I’m all grown up, I’ve forgotten what it’s like to see the world the way as I did as a kid. You see magic, simplicity, solutions, and everything seems big. You don’t see limits, restrictions, impossibilities, or complications. Children are such great innovators because they haven’t learned to put themselves in a box, put limitations to what they can do, and they have great imaginations.

When I was looking for videos to feature last week for the Kindness Challenge, I found this YouTube channel called SoulPancake and I fell in love! One of the videos I watched was about getting a glimpse into the family dynamic from the child’s point of view. As soon as I finished it, I knew I wanted to try it with my daughter! Here’s the video so you can see it for yourself and then I’ll tell you about how it went for us.

Kids are so observant and pick up on things even when you think they aren’t listening or they won’t understand. I love the relationship between the father and son in this video. You could just see the bond they share and the work this dad puts into being a parent. I don’t know him beyond this video but he’s got a major principle of parenting down! I love how he highlights having a big thing like a camping trip to look forward to but he does the little things that matter in the moments between. It’s the little things that you do consistently with attention that they will remember later. I also loved how understanding and encouraging the little girl was of her father. She looks at him with admiration and I loved the certainty in her response when she told the presenter in the lab coat that her dad was getting a job. She believes in her dad completely, he must be so proud and motivated by such a wonderful young person in his life.

I didn’t have a presenter in a lab coat available so I wrote the questions down, set my 7 year old up in front of my phone to record her answers and I went to another room to play with her little sister. I think at least that way it took the pressure off of “having” to answer the questions for me as if it were a test. I wrote down what I thought she would reply because I didn’t want to do a lot of video editing, I spend enough time on the blog as it is (according to my family 😉 )

If you could make any wish for Mommy, what would it be?

I thought she’d say something along the lines of me always being happy.

Do  you worry about Mommy (if the answer was  yes, then tell why)?

She’s  very attentive to those around her and is an over-thinker (already working on meditation and living in the moment because even at 7 her mind goes 1,000 thoughts a minute). She’s always coming up with plans and solutions for things. I’m sure she’ll say she is, she wants me to be safe or something similar.

Does Mommy spend enough time with you?

Yes, I’m sure she’ll say I do. I walk home from school with her everyday and we talk about her day, use that time to discuss any issues that might have come up and problem solve. We play games and I do things with her that she likes. I listen and pay attention when we talk. I’m sure she wants to spend even more time with me but she knows that we spend a lot of time together.

If you could make 3 wishes for Mommy what would they be?

  1. To be safe
  2. To be happy
  3. To be together

This was a fun experiment to do. I was curious why she worries so much about my safety. She told me she just wants me to be safe because I take such good care of her that she doesn’t know what would happen if something happened to me. She mentioned that her dad works construction (a building recently collapsed so I think that really impacted her). Reminds me of when I was her age and I started to realize that people weren’t immortal. I’ll have to have some talks with her about life so that she’s not so worried about me and my safety.

I want to come up with my own questions to ask her. I think what I’ll do is have my mom ask her the questions while we’re there this summer. She’s someone she trusts and feels comfortable sharing her open and honest feelings with. I have a feeling she might censor her answers if I were to ask because she wouldn’t want to hurt my feelings but it’s through her answers I can see things from her perspective that will help me make changes to be a better mom to her.

What are your thoughts on this post? Will you ask your kids these questions? Do you think you know what their answers will be? Are you ready to hear what their answers actually are? What questions would you ask your kids to see how they feel about your parenting style and family dynamic? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

9 Replies to “#Momlife Monday- Seeing Yourself Through Your Child’s Eyes”

    1. Thank you Jenny 🙂 Haha you really could, it would be interesting to see what she thinks. Now that I think about it, those questions are valid across the board, even at 30 I’m sure my mom would be curious as to what I’d answer about her. Interesting… 🙂

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      1. Yeah, I thought of that, but it would be just as interesting to see what she responds compared to what you think she will… maybe she can write her answers down and you can post pictures of her handwritten response.

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