REBLOG! Jacqueline Introduces Brenda

I couldn’t help but reblog this! Both happen to be neighbors in my blogging village, if you don’t know them you should meet them ASAP! They are both wonderful! Jacqueline is creative, witty, funny and caring. Brenda is thoughtful, helpful, funny and kind. I love that I got to know a little more about Brenda in this introduction by Jacqueline. Be sure to stop by  both of their blogs to meet them if you don’t already know them 🙂

Since I met Brenda a couple of months ago, we’ve got on famously to such an extent that she made a decision to pitch a tent in my blogging camp as a strategic partner. Her articles pull the writer in so much so that you follow the journey of her words and live in their nakedness. I […]

via An introduction to my gorgeous friend Brenda Baker of Cybernetic blonde… — a cooking pot and twistedtales

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