Technically Fit

Just curious about what apps and technology you use in your fitness journey. Personally I use an app

called Sports Tracker when we go for walks or hikes to see how far we walk because sweating isn’t enough to prove how much of a workout I got in 😉

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Fitness Bucket List|

I shared my fitness goals in this post. Check it out, maybe you’ll get some ideas of different goals to add to your list or you can share your goals and give me some ideas!

Share your fitness apps and gadgets in the comments section! How did your fitness journey go this week? Have you set your fitness goals? Happy Friday!

18 Replies to “Technically Fit”

  1. Fitness apps: Fitstar (the unpaid version), Nike Training, YogaStudio (the only reason I still have my old Iphone charged lol). Want to get Kayla Itsines Sweat App, but don’t have the money for the subscriptiom right now.
    Finally getting back on my fitness routine after months of only being able to do treadmill and not much else! And loving how I feel this week because of it!

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    1. Ooooh thanks for sharing. I’ll have to check those out. So glad you’re able to partake in other activities! I hope the weather is nice in your area, maybe some outdoor yoga or exercise this weekend 😉

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  2. I don’t use an app or any technology anymore. Over-exercise was a component of my eating disorder. I once used multiple apps to track every calorie consumed and burned. As a runner, I used a Garmin GPS watch to track mileage, pace, heart rate, split times, inclines and grades, altitudes, even the temperature and humidity while I worked out. I kept spreadsheets and logs of every number and stat. What I learned is that technology and fitness trackers might be helpful for some people, but not if they become an obsession, start causing anxiety, or lead to unhealthy behaviors. Now, is “exercise” again. I found activities that I enjoy, my routine is flexible because I don’t write it down or obsess about it, and I manage to keep things fairly consistent without becoming too upset when it’s not.

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    1. That makes a lot of sense thank you for sharing Lulu. You’re right using it as a tool is the key. I’m glad that you were able to identify that and implement a healthy relationship with fitness. ❤


  3. I track calories with MyFitnessPal which syncs with my FitBit and MapMyRun which I use for my running/races.

    Biggest thing in fitness which people over look because they are so focused on calories is the macros (carbs, fat, protein).

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