Gratitude Experiment

All week I’ve been sharing videos with different messages relating to gratitude. Today’s video is a little different. After practicing gratitude all week in the different forms that you’ve chosen, I thought it’d be fun to see others practice gratefulness in this experiment.

Did you make it through without crying? I wasn’t able to! It brought happy tears to my eyes to see how expressing gratitude moved the person expressing it and the one they were expressing it to. Everyone likes to feel appreciated, make sure that you let those around you know that they matter to you. Don’t limit it to just people you know, a simple “thank you” to a stranger holding the door open for you acknowledges their presence and vocalizes your appreciation. Making eye contact and the tone you say it in can make it even more sincere.

What did you think about this video? Have you told someone you appreciate them lately? Are you going to make a more conscious effort to let those around you know you’re thankful to have them in your life? I’d love to know what you thought of this video and this topic in general.

For details on how the challenge started see this post.

Sign up here. There is no deadline to start. If you miss the start date, feel free to start from week 1 and work your way through the challenge, we’ll be waiting for you at the finish line!

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