Kindness Challenge Check-in!!

Attention all Kindness Challenge Participants!

I just want to check in and see how this week is going. Are you finding it easier than you thought to practice this week’s exercises? How are you doing incorporating the focus into your daily life?

No matter what week you’re on, share how it’s going for you in the comments! Remember be gentle with your thoughts! Every thought is an opportunity to make a kind choice so if you’re having a hard time, remember you’ll have another chance to practice with your next thought and your next decision to come from a place of kindness.

6 Replies to “Kindness Challenge Check-in!!”

  1. Thanks for checking in Niki. Finding it hard to be mindful and intentional on week 2. Hopefully there will be some great things to report at the end of the week on kindnesses observed in others. Thanks for blessing all of us!

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    1. It’s ok, start with the small things. Reminds me of the Oprah clip I posted on Monday that was about being grateful but she said one day she saw a squirrel eating and said she’d better make note of that because maybe that’d be the only thing to be grateful for. Maybe start off by noticing someone isn’t rude, or how they didn’t react in a mean way to something and then you’ll start to see how the person in front of you said hi to the cashier and a driver let you squeeze in. Starting at home can be a good place to, maybe kindness is shown through thoughtfulness, courteousness, consideration, helpfulness. The more little things you recognize the easier it will be to spot in many forms more often. I hope that helps with the second half of the week. Awww it’s my pleasure, I’m humbled by your kind words ❤

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      1. Thanks Niki. You are so right. A lot depends on my perspective. There are many things to be grateful for that I simply overlook in the business of life or simply because I take them for granted. Purposing to be more aware and openhearted:)

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      2. We often want to see it all right away and we have to step back to see things more clearly. No worries it takes a little practice but intention goes a long way. Take a peek at some of the pingback posts on week two, they’ll offer encouragement 🙂

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