Brene Brown Clip on Practicing Gratitude

Attention Kindness Challenge participants!

We are getting deep! Only day two of sharing gratitude videos to accompany this week’s Kindness Challenge focus but we’re jumping right in there! Originally I planned for tomorrow’s post to be scheduled today but I was lead to share this one first. This works out because tomorrow’s post will pick up where this one leaves off even though it’s a completely different speaker.

On another note, tomorrow’s post is already written and I’ve just realized that Oprah is in the videos for all three days! It wasn’t planned that way, I’m just going with the messages that give me that feeling in my gut that I need to share them. I’ve watched tons of videos so it’s funny to me that these are the ones that are sticking out.

You know Brene is my favorite (new to me) speaker! I listened to this along with several other videos on Sunday as I hung clothes on the line. I felt like I was in church!


The sun was shining, the sky was clear, you could see the different hues of blue in the ocean reaching to the sky. Oh wait, you didn’t know that nature is church to me? Yes, my soul is fed by the beauty of nature and the sermon was delivered by Brene and Oprah’s conversation. It was good, it was deep, and it left me with a lot to digest!

The part that resonated with me the most touches on something I’ve been working on. When you take a moment and look around and realize that things are going well and you’re not used to it, it gives you the impression you’re in the calm before the storm. I’ve smothered that feeling by covering it in gratitude and sealing it with a mantra. I had to talk myself into it at first, reciting my mantra until I made myself believe it. Now I feel it, live it and breathe it.

When we lose our tolerance for vulnerability, joy becomes foreboding.

-Brene Brown

I won’t hold out on you any longer than necessary! Here’s the clip that made me hurry up and get those clothes on the line so I could sit by the balcony and enjoy the view and listen to the message.

What are your thoughts on this video? What was your favorite point made? Did this resonate with you? Was this something you needed to hear today? Feel free to share in the comments!

33 Replies to “Brene Brown Clip on Practicing Gratitude”

  1. That was a really powerful video Niki. It was just what I needed this morning. Even though I try and practice gratitude daily I must admit to feeling those moments … the fears in the midst of the joy, when things sometimes feel too good to be true. This was a great reminder to turn those thoughts back around to gratitude. Thanks for sharing this Niki. xo

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    1. I had this really bad week last month that I realized how good things were and I was in the kitchen and had this eerie feeling. Reminded me of how I felt during a tornado warning growing up. I was on high alert, anxious, and just waiting for it to touch down and reek havoc on my life at any moment. I didn’t realize after fighting so hard to overcome depression and to get to a place in my life that things are great that there’d be a transition period. When I came across her videos that gave me the perspective I needed to suck the fear out of the equation. I’m not one to live in fear and the fear of joy was new to me. I’m so glad that you found this helpful. I know where you’re coming from. In those moments let’s remember to lean into gratitude as hard as we can! ❤

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      1. Wow, a tornado warning, that’s a great analogy Niki. One I can definitely relate to. Let’s hope we can weather any storm by remembering to tune into our gratitude. Hugs to you. xo

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      2. It was like a flashback. You know how it is, a perfectly calm beautiful day then that eerie feeling and the sky gets all dark with strange colors. What was a normal clear day turns into a dark sometimes disastrous storm. The reality is, it doesn’t happen all that often (depending where you live of course) but there are more times that there’s no tornado in sight so there’s no sense in getting in a panic over something that has showed no signs of arriving. Ooooh thank you for this conversation, that just made me realize how unrealistic it is for me to not embrace the moment with my whole heart in fear of something that may never come…

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      3. Yes I know, it’s the age old thing about worrying about something that may never happen or arrive, just like that dreaded tornado. A perfectly human reaction I guess but one I’d like to keep in check more often. Let’s just try and stay in the moment, and embrace it, like you said … 🙂

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  2. Great post! My jaw dropped as I watched the video… this confirmed many of the things you and I talked about a few weeks ago before we ever saw this clip (this is my first time seeing it & I think you just saw it on Sunday for the first time)… let’s not wait for the other shoe to drop (funny, exact words we used during our conversation)… let’s be thankful and joyful instead ☺❤

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    1. Yeah I watched it for the first time on Sunday. Now you can see why I felt like she was delivering a sermon. I needed those words. Yeah when she used that exact phrase I knew it wasn’t by chance I came across that video. That’s not the phrase I used so it’s funny she used the same one as you. I watched it several times on Sunday and several since then… 🙂


  3. Oh, my God! This video was about me :D. I am so unused to good and to happy that I truly am afraid something bad is about to happen just when I’m enjoying my life more…Of, course, it’s not true, but it feels so real. I’m having a similar revelation to the one I had when I was little and started to realise there really are no monsters in the closet…it was all in my head… Wow, thank you for this!

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    1. I’m so glad to hear this was so on point for you Ioana! I felt exactly the same way when I watched it! I felt so much better knowing that I’m not the only one that feels that way but having the alternative presented so I could practice a healthy thought process. This video has been life changing for me. I’ve seen it more than a dozen times since I first saw it on Sunday and it’s so empowering! Relish in the feeling of joy without fear or worry. You deserve it Ioana ❤

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  4. My handsome, delightful son suffered a massive brain injury 14 years ago. He is alive in what the neurologist call a semi aware state. Dr. Brown’s summation about what you miss the most is the ordinary things is very true.

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    1. Awwww Bernadette, I’m so sorry to hear that. Thank you so much for opening up and sharing that. That part really spoke to me when she brought it up. People chase after the “big” things when it’s really the little things that have such a big impact. Sending lots of love your way ❤

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  5. Gratitude should be practiced, very true and seldom done. A lot of people say, “expect the best and plan for the worst”. Or vice versa either way you say it, it sets you up for negative thinking. To me, practicing gratitude means you have to live in the present moment.

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    1. I heard and adopted that thought years ago when my pessimistic self considered that wisdom. Now I think, no way! That does have a negative association. Expect the best, receive it, live in the moment and be thankful for every good thing in the day. Some days all I could be thankful for was my health and that I woke up…Now I realize that’s not something that should be taken for granted. Living in the moment is so important, it takes dedication and practice but once it becomes habit, boy is life different in a great way! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    1. You are going to love it! She is so good! You know how real she is! She’s one of those people that her public speaking events feel like a conversation not a monologue. I love her and I don’t even know her 😉

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  6. I love that quote, Niki! It is so profound, yet simple. If more people would look at life that way so many more people would be happy. It is something we try to teach our kids, and it is all a work in progress.

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    1. It takes effort to get there that’s for sure. I know I wasn’t ready to live life vulnerably a few years ago. Still working on it but it’s so freeing and so much more enjoyable!

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