#Momlife Monday- REBLOG Roundup

Every now and then I like to spread the blog love by reblogging. Today I found several things I wanted to share but they aren’t all WordPress blogs (gasp!) so I couldn’t use my handy reblog button. So I’ll still share the blog love outside of the WP platform, you’ll just have to click to read 😉

  • Hilarious cards with things kids say on them (share your favorite one in the comments. Disclosure– don’t read at work because you might give away the fact you aren’t working…I warned you!)
  • Mama Tribe (tell us in the comments if you’ve found your parenting tribe)
  • Dads make up the parental unit too so here’s a hilarious post by a dad trying to convince his young twins to put their (explisitive) shoes on! (what was your favorite attempt on his list?)
  • Parents make mistakes too, we’re only human (do you apologize to your kids when you’re wrong? Why or why not? If you care to share of course!)
  • All families look different, and that’s ok (how amazing is Amaya’s story?! I love the solution her dad came up with!)

Have you already read these posts before? Are you familiar with these blogs? Share your thoughts about them in the comments, make sure to tell which post you’re commenting on just to avoid any possible confusion that could arise. What are your favorite parenting blogs? Have you read a good parenting post lately? Share in the comments! Happy Monday!

9 Replies to “#Momlife Monday- REBLOG Roundup”

    1. Yes we do! It’s how we handle them that makes the difference. My girls know I’m not perfect and don’t expect me to be. My 7 year old asks me if I’m going to apologize when I’m in the wrong because she knows it’s coming…sometimes she doesn’t understand that her not getting what she wants isn’t me being in the wrong… hahahaha


      1. Yeah my brother mentioned it was unusually nice as well. It was relaxing and laid back, just what I need before I embark on my trip in a couple of weeks… going back to the States to visit my mom for the summer travelling with both kids on my own…let’s just say travelling with 1 18 month old 6 years ago hasn’t left me with the burning desire to repeat the experience… 😉

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      2. I’m nervous but lucky that my oldest is almost 8 and my youngest mimics everything does which is good because she’s a great example. I’ll still be much more at ease after 3 planes and a 36 hour trip that spans over 3 calendar days… 😮 😉 🙂

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