Week 5 Kindness Challenge- Grateful For Kindness

Attention all Kindness Challenge Participants!

Can you believe we are five weeks into the challenge?! Great job with the previous four weeks! Some weeks have been a breeze, others have truly been a challenge, and the focus of other weeks might need to be exercised for a while. Whatever the situation is, be sure to adapt this to fit you best. The goal is for this to stretch you out of your comfort zone and ease you into increasing the kindness in your life. This week we will focus on being grateful for the kindness in our lives.

Think of kindness as the seed and gratitude as the soil. It will nourish that seed and help it grow for all to enjoy its beauty.

We have been focusing really hard on having our thoughts and actions come from a place of kindness. We’ll continue to incorporate the things we’ve been working on up until now but this week is about being thankful for the kindness in your life. This may seem similar to week two when we observed kindness. The difference is your goal is to not just notice but appreciate it. By being on the lookout for kindness in all of its forms you’re cultivating the kindness in your life. You’re tending to your garden of kindness and weeding out the negativity by not entertaining it.

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This week’s focus is to end your day with gratitude for today’s kindness.

Week 5 exercises- Pick at least one of the following to help you incorporate this week’s focus in your life:

  • Make a list of all of the kind things that happened to you today
  • Keep a journal handy to write details of something kind you’d like to remember
  • Find 5 kind things about your day
  • Focus on the things you have that money can’t buy
  • Say a few words of thanks for the kindness you noticed in your day
  • Meditate before bed and start off with focusing your thoughts on all that you’re thankful for today
  • Come up with a mantra or affirmation of appreciation you repeat before bed
  • Let thoughts of today’s kindness be the last place your mind goes as you go to bed
  • Extend the gratitude by expressing it to the people that showed you kindness
  • Come up with your own exercise

Tip: Remember, kindness comes in many forms. Focus on filling your thoughts and heart with all of the good things that happened today. This will make it easier to recognize kindness disguised as thoughtfulness, courtesy, generosity, sympathy, helpfulness or any other ways it might show up in your day.

If you aren’t currently on week 5 of the challenge, click here to find the post for the week you’re on.


Week 5 blog prompt- After practicing the exercises for the week:

Share your experience! How did you incorporate gratitude into your week? How did it make you feel to focus on the good things each day? Did you notice anything different by looking for the good things in your day? Did you find yourself weeding out the negative aspects of your day? Did you find that it took the power away from the negative situation by not fueling it? Did you express your gratitude to anyone? What was it like? How did they react? How did it make you feel? Is this something you’re going to incorporate into your daily routine? It’s your story, tell it however you like!

Be sure to ping back to this post so that we can read each other’s experiences along the journey. To maximize the reach of this challenge, use this hashtag on social media #RevofKindness. 

Don’t forget to check out fellow bloggers’s posts. Pingbacks are in the comments section. Show them some love on their posts, let’s interact and encourage one another!

If you aren’t on the WordPress platform, please leave a link to your reflection post in the comments so others can find their way there! 

For details on how the challenge started see this post.

Sign up here. There is no deadline to start. If you miss the start date, feel free to start from week 1 and work your way through the challenge, we’ll be waiting for you at the finish line!

2016 Kindness Challenge
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36 Replies to “Week 5 Kindness Challenge- Grateful For Kindness”

  1. Hi Niki, I feel like I incorporated some of this in my Week 4 reflection so it will be nice to continue with feelings of gratitude in the coming week. Hope you’re having a great weekend. xo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I thought one of your prompts was especially interesting. The one about kindness not requiring money. I used to be in sales and made a lot more money than I do now, but I traveled all the time and wasn’t married. My husband and I now live a simpler, yet more fulfilling life, and our income is enough for us. I used to give pretty freely with my money – larger gifts, treating people to lunches and dinners, etc. But, I don’t think I put as much thought into being kind as I do now. I have to be more creative because most of the kindness that I can show is the non-monetary kind. I think there is more feeling and heart behind my giving now, even though I don’t have lots of money to put behind it. Thanks for the thoughtful ideas, Niki! http://www.dianeweidenbenner.com

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love that you gave freely by treating people to things. That was done with kind intentions I’m sure even if you weren’t thinking of it that way. I love that your actions are coming from a mindful place because you’re giving from your heart. Money is a great tool but it’s not the only one. I’m so glad that you found this helpful. I read your post earlier and I’ll be hopping over soon to leave a comment 🙂


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