Fit Friday- Fitness Bucket List

Let’s face it, not everyone has this burning desire to exercise. Personally I don’t enjoy working out in a gym. I’ve recently started doing yoga which I absolutely love! I want to be consistent with my workouts but I like to have a bit of diversity as well.

I came across this Livestrong article that I really enjoyed and inspired this post. I like the idea of picking something to focus on and master. I’ve never considered a fitness bucket list but now that I’ve seen it, I want to make one of my own!

My Fitness Bucket List-

  1. Master Downward Facing Tree (handstand)
  2. 30 day plank challenge
  3. 30 day squat challenge
  4. Master perfect pushups (you know, using my arms and not the momentum of my core to work my way up…). Why not? 30 day pushup challenge (what am I getting myself into?!)
  5. Incorporate fitness as a priority in my lifestyle (get active at least 1 hour a day and make healthy food choices)

pexels-photo-large (10)

I actually feel pretty good about these now that I’ve put some thought into this list. I’ve already got a good foundation headstand, so by perfecting that I should be able to start transitioning into working on the handstand and that will be very satisfying! I figure the 30 day challenges will encourage consistency, add towards my daily 60 minute minimum and help build and strengthen my core and endurance (plus that should help tighten and tone my tummy, arms, legs, and tush!). I want to change my thoughts about exercise and fitness because as athletic as I was growing up, mustering up the motivation to workout when you’re out of shape isn’t as appealing (even though I know it will get me back in shape!) and if I go into it with a positive versus defeated mindset I know I’ll be able to reach my fitness goals! I know how my brain works and by committing to doing several small things that add up to my 60 minute goal, it’s more likely that I’ll reach it than telling myself to walk, run or get active for an hour a day…

How’s your fitness journey going? Did you do better this week than last? What are your fitness goals? Do you have them written down? Do you have them narrowed down to something specific? Have you started crossing things off your list?! I’d love to hear about your journey! For all of those that have commented in the past month, I’d love to hear from you as we start a new month and see how things have been in this department. Happy Friday!

34 Replies to “Fit Friday- Fitness Bucket List”

  1. Wow, I just love the idea of a fitness bucket list, it’s so simple but so good! I just started a blog about my not ‘so’ healthy lifestyle, feel free to check it out! Can I use that idea in my blog? It’s really great!


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