Travel Thursday REBLOG! JAdRunning meets Restless Wanderess

I came across this while searching under the “travel” tag looking for a post to reblog as I didn’t go on any adventures this past week. This is an interesting story about two fellow travelers that decided to meet in person should their paths ever cross. I hope you enjoy as much as I did!


As a wandering traveler sometimes I get called crazy, sometimes I get called inspirational. The crazy part I can understand but the inspirational part is hard for me to wrap my head around. I only have myself and a dog to worry about. I have a bed in a van, eat junk food, drive to trails and run. Only thing different now then my old life is I quit my job to live in a van to travel until the money I saved ran out.Insert the “crazies”, or as I see it “normals”, from the picture above into this story. A single mom with three kids (4, 5 and 10) and two dogs traveling the country in a SUV. Now that’s inspiring! I was scared to death when my dream started to fall into place…I can only image what it must have felt like for Michelle to live out…

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2 Replies to “Travel Thursday REBLOG! JAdRunning meets Restless Wanderess”

    1. My pleasure! I was so happy to stumble upon it. It’s something my husband and I discuss and plan to do within the next 5 years. We hope to full time in an RV for at least a year 🙂


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