Fit Friday- I Am Supported

I am absolutely in love with Adriene’s  yoga videos on YouTube! I’m currently doing the 30 day yoga camp and it’s awesome! She gives the class so that anyone can participate regardless of their level.

I just started yoga this month so I’m a beginner and I love how she shows ways of easing into the pose and says “there’s no cheating in yoga”. I take that one to heart! Each day of the challenge has a different affirmation, the one for day 6 is “I am supported”. I repeat the affirmation whenever my mind would normally say “I can’t do that!” it’s much more empowering to say the affirmation over and over in my head and focus on my breathing. By doing this I’ve been able to do poses I otherwise would’ve thought I couldn’t!

My supportive yoga partner 😉 My little Yogi bear! She’s a natural 🙂

How has your week gone? Did you reach your fitness goals? What are you doing to get more active? Did you make the best effort you could? Were you consistent with your efforts? Have you tried any of Adriene’s videos before? Are you going to join me on this 30 day challenge to get active everyday? It doesn’t have to be yoga, try for a half hour of whatever you enjoy that increases your activity level (provided you’re able to). Have you been keeping your water intake up? The warmer weather will be approaching many soon (if it hasn’t already) make sure to drink at least your daily recommended water quantity. I’d love to hear your fitness story for this week!

11 Replies to “Fit Friday- I Am Supported”

  1. I ❤ Day 6 of Yoga Camp, I saved it to my favourites. I am sore. I did her "Greet the day" video yesterday and even though there wasn't anything particular for abs, my abs are on fire…don't know how she does it 😀

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    1. I went to my 1 hour yoga class last night and I’m sooooo sore!! Only 2 of us went and I think she gave us an intense session, had us doing poses she hasn’t done before and boy am I paying for it today! Going to do Adriene’s video for the day now because I need to loosen my muscles up! I saw that Adriene goes on the road and gives live classes. If she’s in an area near me this summer I want to look into going to a live class 🙂


    1. It’s so nice to meet you! Thanks for taking the time to let me know how you found your way here 🙂 Ioana is great!! Why thank you, I’m glad you like it 🙂 She definitely makes yoga interesting… 🙂

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  2. I take time every day after work to work out with free weights, alternating between upper and lower body exercises. It clears my head after work. I also take a day off on the weekends. I don’t drink near enough water though. I’ve only tried yoga once. It’s a lot harder than it looks 😊

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