Kindness Challenge Check In!

Attention all Kindness Challenge participants!

I just wanted to check in and see how this week is going! Are you remembering to be mindful of yourself? Be gentle with your thoughts? This goes for everyone not just those currently in week 1. Think of being mindful of yourself as the foundation of building kindness in your life and those around you.

Anyone participating that isn’t on the WordPress platform, please be sure to leave a link to your reflection in the comments section of the prompt post of the week. This way other participants that don’t currently follow you can find your post.


For those in week 2, are you seeing kindness around you? Open yourself up to observe it everywhere you go. No act of kindness is too small to notice! It can be kindness that impacts you directly, indirectly or not at all.


For those in week 3, are you concentrating on your thoughts, words and actions coming from a place of kindness? What can you do to make it easier to remember to act and react out of kindness? Even if you already consider yourself kind, are you expanding your kindness? Are you making sure it greets everyone you meet?

I know you want to post your reflection at the end of the week, feel free to share without giving too much away. Some have shared they are keeping a kindness journal, that might be a good way to jot down things you experience. You can write what you observe, what you feel, what you struggle with and what you excel in.  Keep spreading the kindness!


For details on how the challenge started see this post.

Sign up here. There is no deadline to start. If you miss the start date, feel free to start from week 1 and work your way through the challenge, we’ll be waiting for you at the finish line!

20 Replies to “Kindness Challenge Check In!”

      1. That’s ok. The fact that you are mindful of that helps you to try harder the next time. Be gentle with yourself and know you do the best you can in the moment 🙂

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      2. It takes practice especially when you aren’t used to it. It gets easier with time. Just remember to give yourself a break, you can’t do it all at once. When you realize you aren’t being kind to yourself, acknowledge it, make a note to improve on that the next time, and guide your thoughts to the polar opposite positive direction of where your thoughts were headed before you caught them 😉

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