Kindness Challenge Week 3: Kind energy

Attention all 2016 Kindness Challenge participants!

We’re three weeks into the challenge already! We eased our way into the challenge by focusing on being kind to ourselves in week one. In week two we focused on looking for the kindness around us. This week we are going to focus our energy on being kind.

What to I mean by that? We are going to focus our thoughts and actions on coming from a place of kindness. Speaking kind words, thinking kind thoughts, and acting and reacting in kind ways. Our goal is to radiate kindness. Use the everyday opportunities in your life to come from a place of kindness, I encourage you to start at home. What better place to practice your efforts of guiding your thoughts so that your actions can come from a place of kindness?

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This week’s goal is to focus your energy on being kind.

Please bookmark this post so it’s easy to find as you’ll want to pingback (link) your reflection for week 3 here! The current challenge post will be featured on the homepage for easy access or you can click on the “Weekly Links” under the Kindness Challenge page to find your way back here.

Week 3 exercises- Pick at least one of the following to help you incorporate this week’s focus in your life:

  • Think kind thoughts so that kind actions will follow
  • Accept and release thoughts that aren’t kind and replace them with kind thoughts
  • Use everyday opportunities to practice acting out of kindness
  • React with kindness especially when it’s hard to
  • Be more kind to those you live with
  • Be more kind to those you work with
  • Be more kind to those around you
  • Be kind in thoughts, actions, and words
  • Remember kindness comes in many forms: courteousness, generosity, thoughtfulness,  sympathy, empathy.

Tip: It will take practice, don’t be hard on yourself. When you find yourself correcting your thoughts and actions, do so gently. Acknowledge the room for growth and make a note to do better the next time you are presented with an opportunity to act or react with kindness.

If you aren’t currently on week 3 of the challenge, click here to find the post for the week you’re on.


Week 3 blog prompt- After practicing the exercises for the week:

Reflect on this week’s focus of radiating kindness. What opportunities did you find to think kind thoughts? How did those thoughts influence your actions? What opportunities did you have to act out of kindness? How did it feel? Has anyone noticed you being more kind? What did they say? Did you react out of kindness? How did your reaction differ to how you would have reacted if you weren’t focusing on reacting from a place of kindness? How did it make you feel? How do you feel three weeks into this challenge? Are you noticing any changes? What have you noticed about yourself?

Be sure to ping back to this post so that we can read each other’s experiences along the journey. To maximize the reach of this challenge, use this hashtag on social media #RevofKindness. 

Don’t forget to check out fellow bloggers’s posts. Pingbacks are in the comments section. Show them some love on their posts, let’s interact and encourage one another!

For details on how the challenge started see this post.

Sign up here. There is no deadline to start. If you miss the start date, feel free to start from week 1 and work your way through the challenge, we’ll be waiting for you at the finish line!

Add this badge to your post, sidebar or wall to show your participation in the challenge. Link back to this post or to the details page so others can join us!

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    Week 3 of the Kindness Challenge is here. I’ve enjoyed the challenge so far and I can’t wait to see what this week brings. Head over to the Richness of a Simple Life for more details on the Kindness Challenge and how to join or what week 3 entails. A little kindness goes a long way.

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