Fit Friday

I’m so proud of my fitness journey this week! In yoga on Tuesday, I was able to get into the Salamba sirsasana (headstand) by myself!! Week 1 consisted of learning how to get into position and the instructor holding me at my waist so I could use her support to lift myself up. Week 2 was to build up my strength and the instructor supported my waist to get my legs into the air.

Tuesday was my 5th yoga class and I was able to get into position without assistance! The instructor did keep a finger on my legs once I was in the air to help me balance, but I did it! I can’t believe it only took 4 previous classes to get the position down!

Going to yoga surprised me by stirring up emotions that I hadn’t realized I harbored. Negative thoughts about myself and my body image. Week 1 I was really down about it for the first few days and by the time the weekend rolled around I had a plan together to do something about it instead of feel bad for myself. Week 2 I went into class knowing that things weren’t going to change overnight but at least I was doing something about it! I focused on making sure I could do the poses properly instead of realizing that I couldn’t hold them as long as the others in class or that they could lift limbs higher.

pexels-photo-large (1).jpg

This week we only had class on Tuesday but I went into it with confidence. I told myself that I could do each pose no matter how contorted or how much strength it took to support my body weight on my finger tips. Guess what? I did! The instructor had us do a plank pose that you bend your arm so that you can bring your leg up and support it on your elbow (don’t know the name of that one) and then you do a push up. That one is really difficult for me but I told myself I could do it and I didn’t think about it I just did it the best I could and it wasn’t half bad for the first try! We did it twice on each side and by the 4th time I was able to execute it!

As proud as I am about doing the headstand without  the instructor’s help, what I’m most proud of is Chakrasana (if you’ve ever seen gymnastics it’s a back bridge). I get into the position by getting on my back and doing a reverse table pose but with my hands above my head so I can push up into the back bridge. I have a feeling the instructor will be having us attempt it from a standing position and leaning back into the back bridge eventually but for now we are starting from the ground up to build up our strength and confidence in ourselves. When I started I had a hard time even doing the half bridge so this is really big for me and very exciting!

I initially started yoga as a way to bring some accountability into my fitness regime so that I could be consistent. It’s done so much more than that! I feel so much more confident and I feel empowered after each class. A classmate mentioned that I’d lost weight which was encouraging seeing as I was feeling more overweight just a few weeks ago! I’m so glad that I signed up and even though I’m going to visit my mom with the girls for the summer, I know that I’ll be better about keeping my fitness regime up because I feel so good about it and I’ve really grown to love all of the unexpected benefits of yoga.

How has your fitness journey gone this week? The weather is starting to get nice, have you taken your exercise outdoors yet? What kinds of things are you doing to stay active? I’d love to hear! Even if you don’t think it was your best week, feel free to share we’ll encourage you! Trust me, I know what it’s like to struggle to commit to this!

6 Replies to “Fit Friday”

    1. Oh my gosh Rosie! I just saw the tweet that the voting had opened up so I retweeted it and opened the tab to start looking through nominees. I NEVER expected to be on the list! Oh my gosh, thanks for bringing it to my attention! 🙂

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  1. Nothing at all…all week. I wanted this week to be the week I start working out in the morning to develop a habit. My week was so crazy, I had so many activities, I couldn’t get anything done in the morning and by the time it was evening, I was just too lazy and tired to start…I am free this weekend, I’m hoping to practice twice each day. I am proud that I maintained my eating habits in place…at least 😉

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    1. It happens! I hope you’re able to get a routine started. Once you find something that works for your schedule and stick to it, you know it gets easier. I had to commit to the class because otherwise any little interruption pretty much ends the routine… Good for you! Eating healthy is an important aspect of fitness as well! Happy Friday Ioana 🙂

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