2016 Blogger’s Bash Awards- Nominee

I’m new to the blogging community and I recently found out there’s a blogger award ceremony held in London. I thought that was really neat and I hosted a meet and greet based on this specific award. The time has come that the voting period for the actual awards have opened up! I’ve had the link opened on a tab for the past day or two so I could look at all of the categories and spend the next few days looking at (new to me) blogs.


I was so surprised to get a comment from Rosie letting me know that my blog has been nominated for “Best Newcomer Blog Award”! I’m so honored and humbled that my blog would even make the list! Thank you so much to those of you that nominated my blog! I’m excited to start looking at the nominees and cast my vote. Not all blogs are new to me and I was really excited to see bloggers whose communities I’m a neighbor in! Congratulations to all of the nominees!

To see the award categories and vote for your favorites click here. Be sure to have a look around Sacha’s blog, she’s got some great content on there! Thanks again Simon for the connection! Thank you Sacha and the Blogger’s Bash Committe for putting this together. What a great way to provide a venue for bloggers to meet in person! Had I known about it sooner I would have hopped on a flight to attend, but now I know for next year!

Image credit: The images used in this post are not my own, both are credited to the Blogger’s Bash Awards linked in this post.

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