Travel(less) Thursday: Local Festivities

This weekend was the Romería in our town so Sunday we got up and watched the festivities overtake the town. Everyone dresses in traditional attire called “mago” and the typical style used today dates back to the 1800’s.The patron saint of the town is the Virgin Fatima. The pilgrimage was a 2.5 mile walk up the mountain on a road they close down for the foot traffic. That’s pretty much all there is to know, so I’ll let the photos and videos tell the story. 

Children performing a traditional dance on the main road of the street.




Some decorate their balconies in traditional Canarian dress attire.
Right before the end of the town limits. A lot of people turn around and wait in the bars lining the streets until the pilgrimage makes its way back down a couple of hours later.
IMG_20160515_134832 (1).jpg
The view on the beautiful day! It was perfectly clear and the sun beat down. The only saving grace was the wonderful cool breeze as we climbed higher up the mountain.
Looking down on the town we live in.
While far less make it all the way up, there was still quite the crowd 3/4 of the way up. There’s a large gap because the truck carrying the Virgin Fatima broke down and they had to switch vehicles. You can see the people lining the street if you look closely on the left hand side where the road curves.
Even my little ones did the pilgrimage.



Celebratory kisses all around!

Not everyone makes it to the top, but I’m glad we did! 5 mile round trip, heat, young kids and all!

Remember as much fun as it is to travel, you don’t always have to go far to experience something different. The reward of making memories is well worth the effort! What local adventures have you gotten into lately? I’d love to hear about any family trips you’ve done or plan to do soon!



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