My Creative Neighbors Will Want To Watch This

The more I watch and read about Brené Brown, the more I love her! My Life Coach instructor shared her 2011 Ted Talks with me on vulnerability (apparently I missed that viral video) and I’ve watched it several times since in the past month.

Today I wanted to be inspired while I “tended” to my home (thanks for the perspective) and so I watched it again. When I was done I watched 2 other ones. I’ll leave links to all 3 videos but for all of my fellow bloggers and creative non-blogging readers, you’re going to want to set aside 22 minutes to watch this! If you don’t have 22 minutes, do what I do in a pinch and act like you have to go to the bathroom (make sure you get good WiFi) because hey, who’s going to argue when mother nature calls?! She is amazingly insightful and delightfully funny! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

This is a talk Brené Brown did at the 99U Conference (a conference held for creative people in case I’m not the only one unfamiliar with this). It’s titled Why Your Critics Aren’t The Ones Who Count. Here’s some quotes from the Ted Talk, I had to limit myself otherwise I’d just transcribe the whole thing…

Referring to critics-

If you’re in the cheap seats, not putting yourself on the line, and just talking about how “I can do it better” I’m in no way interested in your feedback.

Getting ready to go out in the arena-

When you armor up against vulnerability, you shut yourself off from everything that you do and that you love.

Knowing what seats will be taken (don’t worry she gives you an approach to deal with it)-

The three seats that will always be taken when you walk into the arena are- shame, scarcity and comparison.

With that, I’ll let this last quote say it all before you watch-

Sometimes when you hear something when you need to hear it and you’re ready to hear it, something shifts inside of you.

Why Your Critics Aren’t The Ones Who Count


Below is the first one that I watched and have seen several times since.

The Power Of Vulnerability


Did you watch any of them? Have you already seen them? What are your thoughts? Can you identify with any (all) of what she said? Do you have your own go-yo videos you’d like to share? I’d love to know!

16 Replies to “My Creative Neighbors Will Want To Watch This”

    1. The other two are really good too. The critic one really spoke to me and I thought many creative people could relate. Oh my gosh! I bet that would be amazing! I wonder if synchronicity is at play for you 😉 I’ll keep an eye out for an update if you move forward with that 🙂

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  1. I haven’t seen these before. I can relate…a little to what she’s saying. As a musician I got a lot of opportunities of being exposed and sometimes I failed and I felt horrible. But it doesn’t feel as horrible as when you do your best to improve yourself and you finally think you got it and this time it’ll go better, but then someone else fails and it affects your work. That can feel so much worse.

    The other thing is that I never ever expect or even acknowledge someone else’s opinion if they are lower than me professionally. Sounds bad, but I really don’t. They can say whatever they want, it doesn’t reach me. I only care about what my superior thinks of me and how he/she thinks I should improve. And when I say superior I am talking about that person that I admire and from whom I’m learning a lot. This is the video that I keep going back to:

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    1. I can see where you’re coming from and that is admirable. I’d be lying if I said the same for myself because that’s not me. It depends on who says it and how it’s said. For me, I value comments with room for growth no matter who they come from if presented in the right way. If it’s meant to tear me down or be mean for the sake of being mean then it’s not well received no matter who it comes from. If it’s constructive then it’s valued no matter who it comes from. Thanks for sharing, I’ll be checking it out shortly!

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    2. Oooooh that was good! I saw it on the list of top 20 Ted Talks but since you mentioned it, I just watched it. I liked the speaker he was really funny! That was some great insight he gave! Adding that to my must watch (over and over…) list 🙂 Thanks Ioana 🙂

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