Kindness Challenge

Congratulations to everyone participating! As week 1 comes to a close, take a moment to internalize the great things that happened this week by being mindful of yourself.

Let the lessons carryover; as many of you realized just because we move towards a new focus, doesn’t mean week 1 is really “over”.

To those that have shared your reflections, thank you! I enjoyed reading each and every one of them and your fellow participants have mentioned the same thing. It’s so amazing to see where this journey is taking each one of us. Even though we have the same map, our paths are different.

Don’t forget to pingback (link) to the original post for the week’s focus. That way our stories are shared in the same place and the fellow travelers on the journey can see your story. The original post for each week will be featured on my homepage so that it’s easy to find.

If you haven’t posted your reflection yet, no pressure. Be gentle on yourself and work it in when you can. I encourage you to get it done before we move into next week so that you can have a chance to soak up the experience.

A reminder for all of the givers out there that found it hard to be mindful of themselves. This message came in many different words and ways this week but it’s meaning was clear.

If you feel the need to repeat week 1, honor that! You might have gotten distracted, sidetracked, or lost along the way- it happens! Just reroute yourself and start from the beginning. This is your journey!

For those that have just joined or if you are thinking about joining, go ahead and start from week 1. The challenge is set up to progress from week to week so don’t worry about being a week behind, we’re in this together!

Choosing me doesn’t mean me first, it means me too.” -Unknown

I’m excited about what this week will bring! Happy travels!



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