My 7 Year Old’s Week 1 Reflection

My 7 year old is participating in the Kindness Challenge. It was funny because when I read this week’s focus, she didn’t understand the concept. She’s still at the age that she hasn’t learned limitations or been conditioned the way we are over life. I wanted to explain the challenge without instilling any notion of self-doubt
so I explained this week’s focus as a way to approach situations that she has trouble with. She had to think pretty hard to come up with something and the only thing she could think of was school related.

We moved to Spain almost a year ago. Even though her dad and I speak Spanish fluently we spoke English at home prior to moving to Spain so she understood it but didn’t read or write it and didn’t speak it well. That made the transition into a Spanish school challenging and it was her first experience with self-doubt. She’s come such a long way and has worked so hard! She speaks at a conversational level, doesn’t let little grammar mistakes get her down, and is bubbly and funny as ever! We talked about an area that she could be kinder to herself and she said that a lot of times she thinks that she can’t do schoolwork on her own. She challenged herself to try to do as much work on her own as she could instead of asking her teacher or I to help her without trying first. I asked her what she could to to help motivate her and remember to give it a try. Her focus for the week was to relax, be in the moment, not let herself get overwhelmed, take a few deep breaths and tell herself that she could do it!

Here is a little interview I did with her to get her thoughts on how this week went. My questions are in bold followed by her answers in italic.

How did you start off each day? I meditated with Mommy before school every morning.

How did that make you feel? Really good. I felt really relaxed and it helped me to start my day good.

How was each day for you? Really good, I would sit at my desk at school and just tell myself I could do the work and I did! I didn’t need my teacher’s help, I didn’t have as much homework because I just did the work at school and got it done by myself!

How did it make you feel to get your work done all by yourself? It made me feel really proud! Sometimes I think I can’t do it by myself but I just told myself that I could do it and I did! That made me feel really strong!

Did it get easier over the week? Yeah, I stopped telling myself and just did it because I saw that I could so I just did it!

What did you learn? That if you tell yourself that you can do something that you get stronger and you actually can do it!

How kind do you think you were to yourself before this week? I think I’m really kind to myself!

How do you feel after focusing on what you think?  Stronger!

Are you going to keep telling yourself that you can do things? Yes!

Are you glad that you participated in this week’s challenge? Yes, especially because I got to meditate with you in the morning and because I feel so much stronger!

This was such an empowering week for her! As her mom I was so proud to see how she took this challenge to heart. She did it to support me and ended up showing herself the importance of going into challenges with a positive attitude. She’s a very positive person to begin with and has such a kind heart! When we first moved here she needed me to help her with homework because of the language barrier. As the year went on I could tell she needed me less but I needed to find a way for her to see it! This challenge came at the perfect time because she is at a point that her Spanish is strong enough to do the work by herself and this has instilled the confidence that she needed. This will be an experience for her to look back on and draw strength from in the future when she faces other challenges. I’m so thankful that she’s so supportive and volunteered to participate the moment I told her about the challenge!

This made me think back to a time before I learned self-doubt and reminded me of this quote-


56 Replies to “My 7 Year Old’s Week 1 Reflection”

  1. Sounds like you and your husband are doing a great job of raising a confident young girl. I often wonder at what age do children learn self doubt and unkindness but I suppose it has more to do with the environment they are exposed to rather than a specific age. With you as her life coach I imagine she’ll flourish with compassion and kindness.

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    1. Aw thank you. We’re doing the best we can. We’re both conscious of our actions, words and example and how they influence the girls. I agree, I don’t think it’s a particular age so much as an environment. I do my best to preserve her innocence, self-confidence, kind-heartedness and allow her to have her own personality, voice and choices. I have recently realized how me being a life coach will help me with my parenting approach and benefit my family 🙂

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  2. The A A Milne quote is a favourite of mine. Your daughter sounds very mature and is obviously learning a lot from you about positive image-building. She sounds lovely. I used to love when my toddler son would try to do yoga alongside me, it would always descend into hysterics because he would inevitably try to crawl under me or climb over me when he got bored and I would collapse on the floor laughing!

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    1. I’m going to rephrase the quote a bit and put it on her vision board. It’s a great quote and I LOVE it but I want it as an affirmation instead of that slight self-doubt that’s present.

      Oh my gosh! Yoga with toddlers is tough! I posted a picture in my Fit Friday post today with my youngest doing downward facing dog. Oh my gosh, it cracks me up! Yoga with her is impossible for more than a few minutes…

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    1. I’m immensly proud of her and honestly most days I try to learn as much from her as I can. I admire children and sometimes forget that I used to be that confident and sure of myself and it’s in such an organic way that it’s not cocky or conceited it just is… I’m excited to be apart of her journey, she is an incredible person at 7, I can’t imagine the young person she will grow to be.

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      1. That is so wonderful Niki. You’re right, sometimes the young have so much more to teach us. We forget how pure and untainted and unaffected that age can be and how much potential can be unlocked. You are a wonderful role model and from the sounds of it she will grow into an amazing person. No wonder you’re so proud. xo

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      2. I’m always asking her questions about her day and situations and such. Sometimes I realize how much better it is to live life through the eyes of a child. Things don’t bother her, she accepts people’s choices and doesn’t let it bother her, forgives quickly, easily and earnestly. Yes, I’m not ashamed to admit I take notes from her 😉 Aw thank you Miriam ❤

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      3. They can teach us so much, can’t they Niki. Unconditional, take-it-as-it-comes values with no nonsense remarks and such raw honesty. Beautiful. Hopefully that will stay with her as she grows. 🙂

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  3. Aww, that’s so sweet ❤️ when i was a child I was one hell of a mischievous devil in the inside, but appeared innocent and sweet to anyone I met 😂

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  4. What a terrific kid! I think we start to doubt our own abilities once we hit school…….there is just something about peer pressure that is so insidious when it comes to self esteem. Keep on teaching her the way you are and SHE will be the leader of her peer group….just imagine how she will promote high self esteem in her classmates! way to change the world Niki! Grats.

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    1. Aww thank you Suze! Yes associating with our peers does open our eyes! We start to see things we didn’t know about before and are exposed to the way other people think. I’m raising her to think for herself not what to think. To make good choices and not just follow the crowd. To have her own voice and know when to use it. Does it backfire on me…sometimes. But I’d rather have a child growing into an adult with a good values and decision making skills than someone that follows because they never had a chance to make their own choice. Just doing my small part Suze, as Mother Teresa put it “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”

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    1. You can never start too young! Kids pick up on so much more than they often get credit for. Maybe you could use some of her favorite toys or cartoon characters as ways to set stories up for her and have her tell you what they should do in a given situation. I’m sure you can get creative ! 😉 Aww thank you 🙂


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