Meet & Greet- Superstitions!

This event is now closed but feel free to browse the comments. The conversation was fascinating learning about superstitions from across the world! One of the most viewed meet and greets hosted here so far! Meet and greets are held every other weekend so don’t worry, come back for another one soon!

I’ve been giving subtle clues with the pictures announcing the meet and greet. In honor of Friday the 13th I figured we’d have a bit of fun sharing superstitions this weekend! You can share a story, a superstitious belief of yours, a superstitious belief in your country, a superstitious ritual you do before an event…

Rules of Engagement:

  1. Leave a comment about a superstition (one you have, a little known one, think is funny, have done for years…)

  2. Leave a link to a post or blog other than your own.

  3. Leave a link to your blog or a specific post.

  4. Share, Share, Share! Spread the word via social media or reblog. The more people that see this, the more visitors we get and the more participation!

    Don’t forget the Kindness Challenge has started and we have just finished week 1! If you are signed up, post your reflection post when you’re ready. If you haven’t signed up yet, join us! Start with week 1 and feel free to continue from there!


236 Replies to “Meet & Greet- Superstitions!”

  1. Thank you for stopping by! I’ll start off the conversation with one of my favorite superstitions- beginner’s luck! A few years ago, my husband and I went to Vegas for our anniversary. I was quite content to play the slots but found out really quickly that they took a lot of money and didn’t pay well. I watched him play Blackjack and it looked like a lot of fun! He taught me how to play and at the end of that year we went to a local casino for my birthday. He handed me a handful of cash and had me play my own hand… I was so nervous!! I sucked down a couple of glasses of Rum Punch (liquid courage!) and played for a few hours. We ended up leaving with over $700!! When I say a handful, I think I had about $100 worth of $5s. I sat at the table with a $5 buy in and didn’t leave that spot! I don’t know if it was beginner’s luck or not but we had a ton of fun and had everyone cheering me on for my birthday!

    I’m sharing 2 blogs this week because they go hand in hand. Check them out and you’ll see why. I’ll leave the link to posts that make it easy to discover something I thought was amazing!!

    Steph’s blog-

    Jessica’s blog-

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    1. I just read these two blogs and am amazed! Mom and step-mom working together to co-parent children seldom happens smoothly and the beginning of their story sounds more like the norm. I’m glad they overcame the obstacles before them and were able to unite.

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      1. I know! When Steph announced it at a recent meet and greet I couldn’t believe it! Out of all of the blogs out there I couldn’t believe they found each other! I keep nudging them to write a book one day πŸ˜‰

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      1. You bet! Hoping that more people discover this beautiful story! It’s inspirational and people can find healing by reading your family’s story of healing. Love it!

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  2. Hi Niki, I don’t have superstitions as such but my husband is constantly surprising me with his! I just discovered this week that he has to put on his left sock before his right – or is it the other way round? You get what I mean, and he’s very superstitious about Fri 13th – he was very reluctant to let the plasterer come today when he had to rearrange but I insisted! I was about to say fingers crossed all goes well but then I realised! Here is a link to my post One of Those Days … and my blog recommendation is she does lovely artwork but also makes wonderful and unusual things out of recycled materials. Have a lovely weekend! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’

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    1. Hahahahaha I love it! My husband is a baseball fanatic so he is VERY superstitious especially with anything sports related… The sock thing is too funny! I’ll bet he’s been doing that for years! I know a few people like that. Thanks for sharing! Nice to see you back for another meet and greet Chris. Thanks for the blog recommendation πŸ™‚ Thanks, hope you have a good weekend too!

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      1. Hi Niki, I’ve heard a lot of sportsmen have superstitions, like wesring ‘lucky’ pants and getting ready in a certain order. I’m sorry I don’t interact very often, it’s not for want of motivation or interest, I just have a lot going on. ☺️

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    2. There is also a superstition that any work or activity started on Friday mornings ie before noon, will be a “tedious trial” usually requiring much energy and time to complete. My sister has her first A/L exams today and she was fretting so much, I had to help her destress by saying that its not going to be only her but also a good number of kids around the world! Poor thing! Its bad enough being Friday, also the morning, plus its the 13th! Wonderful! Not that we believe in it, but she was so paranoid!
      I’m leaving a link of a post that we will relate to all too well and Astra is such a lovely soul! πŸ™‚

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      1. Oh the poor girl, as of exams aren’t stressful enough! When I was at school we all used to take in a little mascot of some kind, a furry animal or something, but you’re not allowed now. Hope she does ok. ☺️

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  3. Hi Niki so great of you to host these every couple of weeks. It must be a lot of time πŸ™‚ But thank you nonetheless. Superstitions – in primary school we would go on field trips and pass grave yards and we believed if you didn’t hold your breathe the entire time you were passing the graveyard, the evil spirits would get in. Not sure why we believed this? Another one which is more recent is ‘knocking on wood’ when a friend talks about something that could happen that they don’t want to happen, they say “knock on wood” and knock on wood (a table usually) three times.

    Here is some poetry from a wonderful poet. He writes sexy poetry. I don’t know how else to describe it. He is very real in how he comes across.

    Hope you enjoy! PS. Still Thursday night here around 7:30 pm πŸ™‚

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    1. Each time I host I do less and less because you guys take it away! πŸ™‚

      Oh my goodness! That reminds me of some of the scary superstitions kids taught me at school…I won’t go there, it’s past my bedtime as it is! πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for the blog suggestion!

      I know, but my Aussie friends miss out on half the party otherwise so I run it midnight Thursday night London time though early Monday morning πŸ˜‰

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    2. Haha I thought I didn’t have any superstitions but it’s interesing how we do things without thinking: I knock on wood too! So that’s two I’ve uncovered already, crossing fingers and knocking on wood πŸ˜„ Oh, I wouldn’t walk under a ladder but that’s just being practical, I don’t want anything falling on me!

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      1. Oh crossing fingers. I didn’t even think of that one. I think I do it without thinking πŸ™‚ And yes I’ve heard of the ladder, but that’s just practical as you say πŸ™‚

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    3. I do the knock 3 times on wood too. Have you heard of not looking in a mirror when its dark or demons will come through? Oh wait, maybe that was just in a movie I watched, hmmm.

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  4. Also, here is my link to my blog. I’m leaving a poem this week. One so painful to write and about one of my best friends, I’m worried about. But she is much better at handling her illness then I was when I read she was losing her hair. She’s fighting stage 4 breast c#%^#r. She turned 30 in January and has a husband and a little guy who is nearly 2. I’m praying he has a Mom who will be able to be there as he grows up. Please pray for my friend and her family. PS. We don’t call it “cancer” it gives it too much power. She calls it ‘Boobitas’

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  5. Hi Niki! I am not very superstitious, but there are some things that you hear from people around you, and feel there is no harm in following if it is not inconvenient πŸ˜€. When I was achild, I stayed in a hostel. There were many ghost stories moving around. One of them was that if you look into the mirror after midnight with your hair untied, ghost will overpower you, and you will be possessed. I don’t believe in ghosts now, but this story is somewhere embedded in my mind, and I still avoid looking in the mirror past midnight if I am alone and my hair are untied 😁.
    The blog that I am recommending this time is a fiction and satire blog by Boone Ashworth. Link to the site is

    Link to my blog site is
    Hope you will like the posts.

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  6. HI Niki!!! Always love being a part of your Meet & Greet’s. I am not sure if it is considered “superstitious” or not, but I haven’t allowed myself to do quite a few things since my first marriage. Thinking that if I don’t do them again, then the infidelity “can’t” happen again. Such as having a birthday party, doing the Breast Cancer 3 day walk and running half marathons. It is crazy and doesn’t make any sense, but its like my body physically stops me from doing them.. The blog that I wanted to share is You’re Not Alone in this World, find her here She is an amazing young lady, dealing with some mental illness the best way that she knows how. In the short time I have known her on WordPress she has really seemed to “open up” and grow a lot. My Blog is Making Time For Me. I write about what it is like being a wife, mom, step mom and full time professional, all while trying to find some time for myself πŸ™‚ I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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    1. Awww Steph! Thank you for opening up and sharing such a personal superstition. By the very definition of the word, I’d be inclined to say that it is superstitious. I hope that you get what you need to move forward so that it doesn’t keep you from experiencing things you might want to at some point again. Thanks for the the suggestion and for participating! Have a great weekend!

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    2. Oh I get it, avoiding what was done in the first marriage to ensure the next doesn’t follow a similar path. I’ve done it too! Certain places or even certain arguments are eery reminders of what not to do. We gotta break those curses!

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