Kindness Challenge Week 1: Mid-week check

How’s the first week of the 2016 Kindness Challenge going?

Just wanted to check in and see how week one is going. Have you remembered to be kind to yourself? Are you making it a habit? Is it coming more naturally than you thought?

How are you feeling? If it isn’t coming as easy to you, don’t be discouraged. Remember that you have many opportunities throughout the day to be kind to yourself so just remember to be kinder the next time. As they say, practice makes perfect! I can’t wait to read about your experience this weekend!


Questions to ponder (no need to reply!)– What’s been working for you? What benefits have you seen? What hasn’t worked? What can you do differently? What results to you want? What can you do to get those results? 

13 Replies to “Kindness Challenge Week 1: Mid-week check”

  1. I was so kind that I had a lazy day, digging the garden, planting seeds and pulling weeds. Instead of cleaning the house, I enjoyed the birdsong got some sun on my bones, I tired myself out and am for a hot shower and a good nights sleep.


  2. I decided to do a select few purposeful things to show myself kindness this week and so far, so good!!! It is hard when you are the Mom, to remember to start by treating yourself kindly, so that Kindness can trickle to others 🙂 It’s been a beautiful week!

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  3. I forget to be kinder to myself most of the time and often not concious of it. But one good thing I discovered is that it is there at the subconscious level and reflects in little things I do without giving much thought to it.
    So I guess a little is better than nothing.

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