Exciting News!

This time yesterday morning I wrote about adjusting to being in a good place and accepting the flow of good things. Adjusting to the feeling of life being so good and not waiting for “the rug to be pulled from under me”. When I decided to pursue Life Coach certification it was a leap of faith for me. I’m not one to shy away from risks or trying something new,

but financially we just weren’t in the position for me to go to school at this time. I contemplated waiting after discovering that scholarship opportunities weren’t available for Life Coach courses. The old me would have gotten discouraged and taken it as a sign that it wasn’t for me.


The new me realized I needed to get creative! First I started an account on a crowd funding site. The donations of those that contributed were the almost the exact amount to the dollar that I needed to enroll in the first of the two part course. Now that was my kind of sign! On Friday, I finished the 5 week foundation course I took online and felt it was time to take action to come up with ideas to raise funds for the second part of the course. I decided to  write letters to people I hoped would be willing to provide a financial contribution to apply towards the tuition of the 12 week course that begins next month. I had one month to come up with $1,500.00 to make the deadline for enrollment.

I wrote my first letter informing that I was in search of individuals willing to provide a financial contribution towards educational expenses that scholarships didn’t cover. I didn’t have to write another letter. The first person the letter was written to provided a generous contribution and covered the entire $1,500.00 tuition expense! I’m still in shock. That’s more than I ever could have hoped for! I’m so grateful for their contribution but what’s more, I’m humbled that they would believe in me enough to provide such a contribution! What an unexpected and timely sign that great things come from expecting and accepting good things! As a “thank you” for their contribution and a way of keeping the spirit of their generous act alive, I have committed to volunteering my services to an organization of their choice. I am so thankful for what I have received and so excited to give back!

Screenshot 2016-05-11 at 8.21.40 PM
Tuition costs paid in full!! Thank you to all of my sponsors!!

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    1. Look into it! I did some web scouring to see if I could find scholarships and all roads lead to not for Life Coaching. I’m sure an MA qualifies for scholarships through an accredited institution. It might take a few essays but that’s how I paid for the little school I went through 10 years ago, essays for grants and scholarships… Best of luck!


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