Grateful Sunday- Great Examples

I couldn’t let Mother’s Day slip by without showing my gratitude to the two great examples of what being a caring mom is all about!

Of course there’s my mom who is caring, kind, strong, and giving to a fault. She’s dedicated, dependable, supportive, and thoughtful. She listens earnestly and gives great advice (even when she knows I might not take it!), she’s beautiful inside and out. She loves her grand-kids as if they were her own children (sometimes I think she forgets they’re not!). Her actions have shown me over the years what it means to be a good mom even though it’s not always easy. She’s the kind of mom you want to be like not the kind you learn what not to be like.

Then there’s my grandma, the person my mom gets her good character from! The most beautiful great-grandma I know! A person that hasn’t let a hard life harden her heart or keep her from dreaming. Someone that sees all that’s right in the world even when it’s easier to see all that’s wrong. Dedicated to her family and as thoughtful as can be. Sweet, loving and kind. You could never say enough good things about her because she’s one of the most selfless and kind-hearted people I’ve ever met.

On this Mother’s Day as I reflect on being a mom, all of the qualities I’d like to have as a mom and what an important role it is, I’m thankful to have not one but two great role models of what being a wonderful mom looks like. I hit the jackpot with these two!

17 Replies to “Grateful Sunday- Great Examples”

      1. It’s funny to see how crazy my 1 year old goes every time my phone rings. She knows my mom is the only one that calls me and gets all excited and runs around the house screaming every time she calls hahaha.

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  1. It’s beautiful and powerful that you remain so connected to your mother and your grandmother. I’m glad that there are people in the world who have such wonderful mothers and that they can share what they learn and the love that grows from those relationships with those of us who didn’t have such empathetic mothers. I know my mom loves me tremendously, and I know that she did everything she knew how to do, which makes occasions like this one particularly difficult, because it takes more than love to make a nurturing mother. I’m so blessed to have found other women in my life to fill the vacuums in my heart and help heal some of the scars left there. There is no perfect mother, and I guess I’m grateful that I’ve been blessed with that nourishing, motherly love from so many different sources when one was incomplete.

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    1. You’re right, it does take more than love to make a nurturing mother. Over the years I’ve told my husband it takes more than love to make a relationship work and that’s not limited to a romantic one. I’m glad that you’ve found motherly love in the form that you need it from other women in your life. Wishing you a beautiful Sunday Lulu!


  2. Oh Niki, you probably know that I read this post with tears in my eyes 😒❀ I am so proud to be your Mom and to see the woman and mother you have become… loving, kind, strong, courageous… I love you more than you will ever know. Mom

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