Travel Thursday- Mother’s Day Adventure

Last Saturday we set off for a Mother’s Day adventure (the first Sunday of May is Mother’s Day in Spain). We got up early, grabbed some breakfast and went for a drive. We didn’t have a particular destination in mind, just wanted to explore. We followed the road until a particular location called our name. There’s this tiny little village up in the mountains called Masca. I’d heard of it’s beauty and charm but never thought I’d make it to the tiny town not so far away because the road to get there is intimidating. Just in case you enjoy a bit of background on travel destinations, you can find more info about Masca here.

I’m very scared of heights and over the years this fear has kept me from doing many things. I don’t want my children to let their fears cripple them so I’ve started taking small steps to conquering mine. This drive was a giant step in that direction. The drive started off taking back roads that wound through the mountain to take us to the road that would get us to Masca. You know when you’ve reached it because the road narrows down to a single lane of switchback hairpin curves for miles on the edge of the mountainside. The kicker…the single lane is meant for two way traffic. Absolutely terrifying. I read out loud for the first portion of our ride up the mountainside but had to stop because it was no longer doing the trick of distracting me from the oncoming vehicles coming straight at us in the bend of the curves. My stomach bottomed out, my appetite went away, my arms and legs were tense and my heart had never beat faster.

We stopped at a rest area with a beautiful view, not a moment too soon. It gave me a chance to collect my nerves and get a break from the fear surging within me. The air was crisp, strong and chilly. The view was absolutely breathtaking. We had a gorgeous view of the green topped mountains spotted with red and yellow flowers with the ocean in the background and one of the other islands off in the distance. The clouds were low and puffy but so beautiful with their contrast to the deep blue of the ocean. At that point I knew the trip was worth it. We took a couple of pictures (none I’ll be posting because the wind was so strong our faces are contorted) got back in the car and continued on the treacherous road through the mountains.

The view at the rest stop described above.

We caught up to a bus on the final leg of the trip to Masca. I was actually relieved because it was a buffer between the oncoming traffic and ourselves. Every time the bus took a curve oncoming traffic had to stop and since there were only a couple of cars between us and the bus we were able to pass with the cars stopped.

IMG_20160430_125155 (1).jpg
If the bus can make it, we can too…

As we pulled into the little town in the valley of the mountains, I could already tell that pictures wouldn’t do it justice! The vibrant greens, blues, purples, reds and yellows of the grass, sky and flowers were such a treat to the eyes! The girls were excited, we couldn’t park fast enough to get out and explore! We went down this wide cobblestone road that lead to a little square where a man was playing his guitar and singing. We sat on the bench for a moment to enjoy his music while the girls danced and then continued down the road to see where it would lead.

Getting ready to dance.
But first, we had to take a selfie 😉


These houses tucked in this picturesque valley among the hues of green were one of the first things we saw.
Such a beautiful day for this impromptu visit.
We continued down the steep path downhill to see what beauty lied ahead.
I’d be hard pressed to leave my house with a backyard like this…
The end of the path lead to a little cobblestone bench-like wall with this view of the other island in the distance between the volcanic mountaintops.
The picture above seen from a distance.
Even further still…
Can’t beat the view!
Someone’s little legs got tired from so much walking and had to hitch a ride…
We bought a bag of delicious strawberries from a local village-man and enjoyed that as our post walk snack.

Our adventure didn’t stop there. Many turned around and continued back the way they came. We figured we’d made it that far, we might as well see what was beyond! So off we went on the switchback roads to see what other treasures we could uncover. It didn’t take long for us to come across something interesting. We drove through a small town that I later discovered is a farming community. The picture below is what drove me to look into it because I had never seen something quite like it. From what my reading uncovered, it seems that the unusual formations are man-made resulting from digging for building materials. It was an interesting thing to come across none the less. As many years as I’ve lived on the island in my life, I’ve never heard of this before so it was fun to come across something unexpected.

There’s a better picture in the link above from a point farther off in the distance on a clearer day.

Once we rounded the mountains and descended toward the beach towns, we realized where we were and decided to take the girls to a place our oldest has been wanting to go since I told her of it. One of the oldest trees on the island stands in a town called Icod de Los Vinos. Since we were so close we decided to head that way to see the tree and stop for lunch because it was around that time. As we came out of the parking garage we heard music, having never been in the area we decided to follow the music to see where it lead. We soon discovered there was a vine tasting event going on. We listened to the music and strolled along the old road and stopped for a wonderful lunch at a beautiful restaurant. We walked around for a short while keeping in mind we would soon need to leave to make it home with daylight. We didn’t want to go through those twisty mountain roads at night. I bought some plants that were potted and starting to grow (that I hope I can keep alive) that will remind me of this beautiful weekend every time I see them on the windowsill.

Said to be around 1,000 years old.

Sorry for the quality of the video, wasn’t intended to be uploaded but I thought it would give you a glimpse of what it’s like to be in a quint village on this side of the ocean.

What are your thoughts on this post? Have you been on any local adventures lately? What are your Mother’s Day plans?




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