#MomLife Monday- Breathe

Today’s Momlife Monday post is my summary on April’s or the step 4 of 12 steps to gentle parenting. The focus was to breathe, enjoy your children more and not let the competition of busy take over. It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the daily routine. Before you know it you go from commitment to commitment, activity to activity, event to event, all of the days start to blur together without a moment of slowing down in sight! Days, months and years start to pass by and you are going through the motions without enjoying the journey.

The timing of the reminder to breathe couldn’t have been better! I decided to pull my daughter out of her twice weekly volleyball practice after talking to her about it. Twice a week we’d have to eat as quickly as possible and walk out of the door just half an hour after sitting down to eat so that we could make it to practice on time. There aren’t enough kids signed up to play so they do drills and practice hitting the ball twice a week for an hour. She said that she likes getting out of the house but that it’s not as fun because she knows she’ll never use the skills to play an actual game this year. She told me she’d much rather go outside and play with her friends or do her homework during that time and then go for a family walk in the evening. That seemed like a fair enough request and one that would take a lot of pressure off of getting lunch together, eating and power walking up that steep hill with full bellies twice a week.

Teaser picture from my adventure for Thursday’s post.

I even had a conversation with a friend last night that I hadn’t talked to in a while. She mentioned that time was going by way too fast and that she had too much going on all of the time. I realized that in comparison to what my life was like a few years ago, that my life is pretty laid back and that I prefer to have less commitments and enjoy the little moments more. So while it does feel good to not have two more months of hustling to volleyball practice, I realize that we’ve done a pretty good job of not overextending ourselves and are really enjoying living in the moment.

Are there times that you realize that you have too much going on? Do you need to take a step back and evaluate what you can take off of your plate to enjoy some quality time with your children? What are ways that you can work a little more quality time in? For some ideas on things to do, check out the list on Step 4. It’s never too late to start, we are at the beginning of a new month so if you haven’t started, now is the perfect time to focus on Step 1.  Have you started these 12 steps? What step are you on? I’d love to hear your thoughts, feel free to share!

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