Meet & Greet- Bucket List!

Thank you to everyone that participated and made this so successful! This event is now closed, I look forward to the next meet and greet Friday May 13th.

Welcome back for another weekend meet and greet! I had so much fun at the last one! Talking about what we wanted to be “when we grew up” there was so much engagement and interaction, hands down one of the best meet and greets over here in my humble opinion!

This weekend as the title implies, the theme is what’s on your bucket list? Even if you don’t have an official bucket list, surely there are mental notes you’ve made over the years of things that you’d like to try, places you’d like to go, adventures you’d like to embark on, you get the idea. So if the universe conspired to give you your heart’s desire and make one item on your bucket list a reality whenever you saw fit, what would it be? The fun is in the detail! Let us know a little about it, why you chose it, what it entails, how long you’ve wanted it. Let us share in your love of this item on the list! Can’t wait to see the things that are brought up and who knows, you just might inspire someone to add that to their own bucket list!

Feel free to stop by as many times over the weekend as you like! You can come up with a new bucket list item, join in the conversation, or just browse through the blogs you missed since you last stopped by!

The rules of engagement-

  1. Comment on the bucket list item you’d make a reality if nothing could prevent it from happening whenever you desired! Give some details (how long it’s been on your list, why you chose it, when you’d go for it…)

  2. Leave a link to a post or blog other than your own.

  3. Leave a link to your blog or a specific post.

  4. Share, Share, Share! Spread the word via social media or reblog. The more people that see this, the more visitors we get and the more participation!

If you don’t mind doing me a favor, could you spread the word about the Kindness Challenge I’m hosting in May? This is not required to participate in the Meet & Greet, I’d just appreciate it if you’d spread the word on social media using the tag #RevofKindness.



Happy blog hunting!


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  1. I don’t have a bucket list so much as a bucket list of vacation spots! The tops are Japan, Australia, I’d love to return to many of the places in Europe I have visited as an adult (as a was a kid/teen the first time). I love the beach so I would love to go to as many beaches all over the world as possible!! I adore . He does a lot of photography challenges and has an amazing eye!! You can find me at The Self-Actualized Life!! 😀 Blessed be one and all!!

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    1. Hey Anna! Ahhh yes the travel list!! Some places I’d love to go as well. I like you would also like to go visit places as an adult that I lived in and visited as a kid. I’m interested to see how much I remember, how small things seem compared to how I saw them, if I remember the roads, the smells… Germany is at the top of that list for me 🙂 Thanks for participating!

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  2. Well, I am new to this blog and first to the party (it is still Thursday where I am). But I don’t want to forget to come back so I thought I would reply now. The one thing I have always wanted to do since I saw a documentary on it in elementary school, is skydive! With all my medical conditions I would probably have to do a tandem with an experienced jumper. But if all things were in place I would like to take lessons and jump on my own!
    A blog you should check out is Cameron has some wonderful stories and a very cute dog!
    My blog is I hope you stop by and check it out.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by Lydia! Oh my goodness! That’s amazing! Not a bad idea to jump with an experienced jumper! I hope that you get to make that a reality! Thanks for the links, I’ll be sure to stop by as soon as I can. Fell free to drop by again over the weekend, there will be plenty of blogs to check out 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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  3. One of the things on my bucket list is to see Angkor Wat in Cambodia. I just love the beauty, the culture, and the sacredness of the place. I would also say Tibet, for the same reasons, and because I love the kindness in Tibetan Buddhism.

    An excellent blog I would recommend is:

    Peter has spent the past five years traveling the job trying to seek answers to spirituality while on an incredible journey.

    You can visit my blog, where I am wrapping up the month long A to Z challenge:

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  4. Hi there! I’ve a lot of stuff on my bucket list. Traveling, Want to learn one new stuff every year and adventure sports. Honestly I’m scared of water and heights. Well I overcame my fear of water by trying out scuba, sea walk n snorkelling. It was awesome. Now I don’t fear the water the way I did before. This bucket list helps me overcome by fears and enjoy life without limiting myself.

    You should check

    Nags has shared some awesome recipes.

    Btw I’m new to blogging and you can find me at

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    1. I love that you’ve used your list as a way to overcome your fears! I’m not afraid of open water but let’s say I have a profound respect for it 🙂 Thanks for the links and welcome to the block party 🙂

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      1. Yes, I understand that all too well! I’m glad that I was willing to manage my fear this weekend as we went on a little trip that is only accessible by open water or by hairpin curves on the edge of a mountain cliff…more to come on my Thursday travel post…spoiler- it was worth it!!

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  5. Two weeks since I first arrived in one of these meet and greets…..TWO WEEKS…how is that possible? Einstein was right time is relative….hated school time was relatively expanding…now I decide to enjoy something it’s flipping contracting….not impressed…well I am here, this bogs ace…they people that visit are ace and no doubt anyone I hook up with this weekend will also be ace….or…reverse psychology….I hate you all….now, according to Einstein and my interpretation of his interpretation on time being relative I shall hate being here for hundreds of years because time should now expand and the unfun will go on and on and on 😊

    This time I’m going to post a link to my new battle blog friend Rachael…she’s cool too…in fact everyone I know here is….although should that be uncool in keeping with expanding time relatively??? Plot lost now 🤕

    I live here…if you fancy looking, liking, commenting, hating, following or generally passing through 🙃

    And bucket list….it is quite a modest one…and that is to get The Assent of Rose Marie Gray published. It’s finished and the fourth draft is complete but I suffer from the It’s rubbish syndrome that, I’m told, is common amongst authors….. Snippets here

    Have a great……bad weekend….hate you all 😜

    And if you are sane enough to not follow this jibber jabber think of it in SpongeBob terms…as Opposite Day 👻

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      1. You aren’t joking there….that’s the source of the jabber at the start of my comment….slowing time 🤔

        Yes, I was asking what blog battles were and he gave me the link to the battle page. I popped over and got chatting to Rachael and two weeks later she’s also hit friend status (well at my end anyway!!!!). All down to your meet and greet and the way in which conversation just kept going…and going… Kudos to you 😇

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      2. The world is full of strange coincidences…odd twists and turns that have an almost chaotic feel. I still have no idea why my hand stayed rather than hit delete…I could write a horror story based on similar thoughts…the hand that stayed….maybe based around a meet and greet blog and a supernatural demon the befriends a nice person and….. Oooh spoilers….not creeped you out I hope 👻💀😱

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      3. Serendipity?? I suppose befriending and then later requesting vast sums of money to help out with underprivileged children will likes not be taken seriously either 🤔 Blast..there goes that ruse…I shall….hang about….the first one could be ideal for a blog battle post thinking about it 👻

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      4. Agreed…coincidence is not my favourite’s just too much of a random chance type of thingamy…I prefer cause and effect of deliberate choice where now and then something inside just pushes you the right way…stays the hand when it’s in its way to hit delete…swaps direction to click on a link and the rest they say, is history….except is two weeks really history 🤔

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      5. Depends….history is quite (to me final) as in had a friend that’s now history sort of thing…I suppose its a definition thing…when does recent past turn into history…the true definition means as soon as I hit send then what I’m doing right now is history….hmmm….that’s a very mindful live in the moment epiphany… In fact thinking about that is quite deep….😱

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      6. It’s done my head in….I have a book character whose wife is a Victorian woman who is a very old lady in his time (yes…there is a reason for the longevity lol) and whose daughter is his child….in his current time he’s never been married and has no children and her children are his grandchildren….they are the twins in my excerpt Half A Twin on my blog…. So….history is, in that book, not dead at all but still alive and kicking…. It’s clear as mud isn’t it 🙃

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      7. If you do….find Half a Twin…that was the very first thing I wrote…probably reflects that but in it are four characters that are with me even now and Rose is the core character in my book that’s ready for the next stage….I guess you can see why history as a past event is really add,I got my mind now 👻


  6. What a great topic! I’ve been away from the blogosphere for a while so I’ve missed your meet & greets but I’m thrilled to be back.
    I think my biggest thing on my bucket list is to travel across the ocean & visit some great places of this world. You know Paris, Rome, England, Sydney, Hong Kong, Berlin…etc. Any of those wonderful places would make me a very happy person. I want to see the sites, the history, the beauty of it all. Unfortunately I don’t think it will happen, but I can certainly dream! 😊
    Here is a blog that just followed me, so I will share it with you. 🙂
    And of course my blog.
    Remember I have been away for a few weeks but I’m picking my blogging right back up again. 🙂
    I hope everyone has a great weekend! 🙂

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    1. Never say never! Miriam mentioned at the last meet and greet I believe it was that she won a trip to Italy and had a private meal prepared by a chef and all! Crazier things have happened! Put your desires out there and don’t try to work out how it will happen. I hope the universe conspires to make that wish come true! Too bad you missed the last meet and greet you would have loved it! Glad to have you back, hope all is well!

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      1. Thank you. 😊 Yes I always hope for the best. I would love to win a trip anywhere! I always hope in the future it will happen! 🙂 All is well just Life in general. Thank you. 😊

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    Until Next Time…Bucket List!

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