A-Z Challenge: Youthful

This is part of my A-Z Challenge posts. My theme is emotions, feelings and states of being. This is where “Y” took my writing.

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Today I want to explore age. Does age determine maturity? Does your age match how old you feel mentally? Physically? Do you feel older or younger than you are? Does your inner child grow with age or stay the same age? What age did you inner child stop growing up at? What makes you feel “your age”? What makes you feel young? What makes you feel old? Can you feel young at times? Young at heart? Young at heart with an old soul? Do you proudly state your age or avoid confessing it at all costs? Do you look your age? Do you want to be forever young or grow old gracefully?  What is your view on age?



This post is part of the A-Z challenge. For details on the challenge, click here.

Core post summing up what the challenge is about, why I signed up, and what my theme is.

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13 Replies to “A-Z Challenge: Youthful”

  1. my inner child is 4, and she has refused to grow past that maybe because the years that follow are full of bad things! i look younger than my age i guess! and i dont honestly want to hit the thirties i want to be in my twenties forever!

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  2. My Grandmother always said, “You are only as YOUNG as you feel”. That is how she lived her life and I like to think I am following in her footsteps. I love all of the quotes you used here. They are all perfect representations of youth!

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    1. That happens to me as well, I’m learning to embrace my inner child more and be more young at heart because at only 30 I can’t live my whole life feeling like an old lady 😉

      Good luck with the final stretch of posts! Hop over to my meet and greet if you haven’t seen it yet, great way to meet new bloggers and add new (to you) blogs to your reader 🙂


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