A-Z Challenge: Vulnerable

This is part of my A-Z Challenge posts. My theme is emotions, feelings and states of being. This is where “V” took me.


Do you allow yourself to be vulnerable? Why? Why not? What can be gained from being vulnerable? What is lost? What holds you back from being vulnerable? Is it a strength or a weakness? Does it bring strength or weakness? Who do you allow yourself to be vulnerable with? Is it easy or exhausting? When did you stop allowing yourself to be vulnerable? Will you allow yourself to be vulnerable?

This is well worth the watch. She’s informative and funny.

This post is part of the A-Z challenge. For details on the challenge, click here.

Core post summing up what the challenge is about, why I signed up, and what my theme is.

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The Richness of a Simple Life- N° 380

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17 Replies to “A-Z Challenge: Vulnerable”

  1. I think we stop being vulnerable when something traumatic happens. If a teacher called us out on something sensitive in school, a friend laughed at something we were really proud of. Judgement and criticism are big in not sharing our stories.

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  2. No, I don’t allow myself to be vulnerable. Each time that I have I have been left feeling disappointed. I have impenetrable walls that I keep to protect myself. I have believed too many lies. I have been in bad relationships that tore my world apart. Once I was free from letting myself be vulnerable it felt freeing not to feel that way again. It is not exhausting for me. I’m quite used to it. I’m not disap to not feel vulnerable. I’m not disapointed anymore when I am told yet another lie. I’m not left feeling like I’m lost because I didn’t have my wall. I wish I could be vulnerable but I don’t want to let go of my wall. It’s my comfort. Your posts are very insightful. They make me think of my own emotions. Thank you!

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    1. Do you think that you let yourself be just a little vulnerable by admitting that? There is an element of self-imposed protection with not letting yourself be vulnerable but is there also self-growth once you allow yourself to go back to that place? These of course are not questions I’m looking for you to answer back on, just ponder 🙂

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  3. “The Power of Vulnerability” was shown in one of my group sessions me while I was in partial hospitalization treatment for my eating disorder. Watching it was a turning point in my recovery. Brene Brown’s book “The Gifts of Imperfection” changed my life. I wish that these lessons were a one-time thing. I wish I could learn them, incorporate them into my life, change my mind, my behavior, the way I talk to myself and others, the way I treat myself and others, in one realignment. It doesn’t work that way. Thank you so much for this reminder to keep struggling on.

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    1. Wow Lulu how brave of you to open up and voice that. It may not be a one time thing, but can it get easier over time? With each reward of allowing yourself to be vulnerable does it make it less challenging for the next time? No need to answer, just food for thought. Thank you again for your courage.

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  4. I think when you’re in a commited relationship you open yourself up to vulnerability. Every emotion you share as a couple is heightened because of it, I think, which is why the good times are so fantastic and the bad times so painful.

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