First call for help – A new Space ship is being launched!

I’m so excited to share this idea that was inspired at my last meet and greet! Kim built upon Simon’s dream he shared and we are making it a virtual reality! I’m joining this adventure even though I have no experience in the genre… I guess the A-Z Challenge has me feeling bold! Check out Simon’s post for all of the details and join us if you feel inclined! I look forward to this adventure!

Chief Science Officer- Niki L.

Planet Simon

I’m building a space ship and I need a crew – this is the long and short of this post. Unfortunately this isn’t real life, it’s in the blogoshpere. During Niki’s meet and greet at the weekend  I met up and got chatting with a fellow blogger at some point in this conversation she suggested that my blog os like a spaceship going on adventure and I was the Captain.

I – stopped – dead!!!

In a flash of promted inspiration I thought about this and a feature which would be Simon’s spaceship (that’s not what it’s going be called ok? I’m not that shallow lol), like all spaceships we go on adventures and we find stuff, battle weird aliens maybe. The crew (i.e. anyone that signs up to this) write about their own adventures on this spaceship, adding in their own humour, passion for exploration or whatever. This will…

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