A-Z Challenge: Optimism

This is part of the A-Z Challenge posts. In keeping with my theme of emotions and states of being, this is where “O” took me.

Is there a difference between being optimistic and having optimism? If one is optimistic is it something they practice daily or does it come naturally after having practiced for so long? If someone chooses to adopt an optimistic attitude is it something they checkout of a library? Something they borrow temporarily just to give back when they no longer need it? If one is optimistic does that mean they are actually naive? Did they just have an easy life that didn’t beat them to a pulp and they don’t realize that others don’t have things so easy?


If someone has an optimistic attitude, does that mean they’re climbing a ladder? They’re poking their head out of the dark damp hole and looking above into the light? Do they see the dark dungeon they’ve crawled out of and see that if the just keep climbing a little more they’ll make it out of the cave? Does being optimistic mean being happy? Can one be optimistic and not be happy? Are we born optimistic and slowly learn to be less optimistic over time? Is optimism a natural state of being? Is it something that comes and goes? Can being optimistic change your life? Can it change the way you see things and in turn change the path you take? Is it like putting on a pair of glasses and seeing things more clearly?  

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50 Replies to “A-Z Challenge: Optimism”

  1. Lots of great questions there! Lots to think about …
    I think optimism varies depending on the person. I’m naturally optimistic, but I know a lot of people who need to work hard at getting (and keeping) that kind of attitude. I don’t think optimism and happiness are necessarily connected, I kind of see one as a feeling and the other as an attitude. 😊

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    1. That’s so wonderful that you are naturally optimistic! That’s interesting. I think they are connected but not synonymous. I think you can be optimistic even when you don’t feel or aren’t happy in the moment. It’s all very complicated and relative. 😉

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      1. Haha! Complicated for sure. I agree, even though I’m optimistic in nature, like everyone I have days when I’m unhappy. I guess the difference is I can be unhappy but my optimistic nature means I can the light at the end? I feel like I’m talking in riddles lol 🙂


  2. This feels like preparation for a post… like the first part of something of substance. I’m a realistic optimist; I can see reality, and I choose to be optimistic — see the good and the bad, and hope for the best because that’s what I’ll work toward. It isn’t naive or blind it’s a deliberate choice to keep moving forward with hope. To try to make the world a better place rather than make excuses why I shouldn’t bother. Pessimism has no hope. Pessimism has already given up. What kind of life is that?

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    1. hahaha sorry to leave you with a half post. I guess it´s more of a rough draft, or really the things that run through my mind when I prepare myself to write…

      Good points to consider, thank you for reading and taking the time to engage on this post!


  3. I think for me personally, optimism is a choice. You either take it or you don’t. Before having my boys, I wasn’t a very optimistic person. I used to be anxious and nervous all the time. After having my boys and finding out my son has special needs, everything changed. I became a die hard optimist. I wasn’t going to wallow in my sorrows. And I realized that in order to help my child I had to look at the brighter side of things. I had no other choice. And from then on optimism became a way of life. I do have my low moments, but the majority of the time, I do believe the grass is greener on the other side 🙂

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    1. Good for you! Amazing how much motherhood changes you as a person. Of course you can go through tough moments or feel down but it’s important to recognize it’s a moment, it will pass and accept and release it so you can see things optimistically because it really changes your thoughts, choices and life. Have you checked out the kindness challenge I’m hosting in May? Might be something you’re interested in 🙂

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  4. Oh my oh my…thought provoking indeed….I have been an optimistic pessimist, a pessimistic optimist, realist and arrived in a fantasy land with strange characters wandering about saying write about me next. Bit of a journey really…young, enthusiastic…optimistic, times passes and threw in curve balls…enter the pessimist….had a bit of a battle with that antagonist and reached arbitration whereby pessimism was allowed so if something worked it was an uber high and in apposition to being optimistic where hope gets dashed upon the rocks at each fiasco. Of course that might just be being an optimist in denial. Or a mind that is awaiting the jury to come out…my book for example, on the one hand an opportunity to cast it out and find someone might like it….and upon the other hand we have, no don’t it’s safer not knowing, nobody will like it and you will appear foolish…. It’s complicated…said the goblin to Harry Potter whilst staring at the sword of Griffindor.

    A madness took me…Boromir to Frodo…. And that’s before I get onto Alice and the Hatter….

    Relevant? Of course not…except it is…. The mind is a curious place…now where’s that medication gone 🙃

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    1. hahahaha Gary, I never know where to begin when I reply. I have been through all of the complicated even contradictory sounding phases you mention. I’m glad to be in a more stable place between realism, self-kindness and optimistic as in the state of being. I know what you mean about your book. There has to come a point that you just go for it! Everyone won’t like it, accept that, but those that like it will LOVE it. Same with blogging really. My blog isn’t for everyone, my fear of rejection, criticism and not being liked had me drop it like a hot potato 3 years ago. Gave it another try at the end of January and it has taken off… never would have known had I not tried. Move forward with your book Gary, onward! 😉

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      1. No way…are you serious….THIS January? But..but…I restarted mine in January too after a similar…nay identical set of reason….what are the odds of that?? I am not back on planetary alignment fields….. Self kindness I am bad at…it’s terrible being a proofer in a former life and staring at your own with the same eye the made PhD theses double in weight through my annotations…. I can totally accept some will and some won’t like it. This one is contentious compared to my other blog stuff. I think it will be a marmite project…ohh..that could be a book title…The Marmite Project…must make a note… I think sounding boards other than me is the only real solution. The proofer critic in me is just not helpful. I have to accept at some point further tweaking will not improve things and I will have to let go of it… Therein is the pessimism versus optimism (staying on topic) battle… You motivate exceptionally well 🙃

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      2. I agree Gary, you can tweak and knit pick until you have nothing left. I think at this point you’ve come up with a course of action now it’s just time to pursue it. I’m flattered! I’m glad to be part of your sounding board and am humbled to be able to motivate you though there’s so little done on my behalf 😉

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      3. Don’t underestimate using the right words re motivation…not to mention posts on optimism 😁 Got through three chapters today so looking on target so far 🙃

        Although I’ll give you a content update first…it’s so not like what’s on my blog…well apart from the extracts in the Assent category…because they are from it 🤔 Social media connection attempts start tomorrow too 😊


      4. Oh my goodness Gary!!! That’s amazing! I’m so happy for you. I’m glad my words could prompt any motivation that would lead to that level of productivity. You’ve outdone yourself today, I’d imagine you feel quite pleased 🙂

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      5. Just a bit but it’s been a long journey and bloggers like you have done amazing things to my confidence. I so appreciate that 😊

        Had to stop on the other thread…it ran out of replies 😱

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      6. Dammit Facebook…I was going to hunt you down…today has been totally time mismanaged…terrible in fact….well apart from two more chapters…still on course there but the rest…shambolic 🙃

        Facebook….must get Facebook connected….

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      7. If I was putting up nick backs and ephemera I probably would be less self conscious…the computer rants or example….but the written stories are different. Info them for people to read…that’s the whole point. Which means I do care what people think….but that can be a good thing if the feedback is constructive and says why it’s good or bad….although generally speaking it’s all got a bit overwhelming. I never really expected much and yet…bloggers are weirdos…they are all….well…. Nice……


      8. Ha…expect a like for like 🙃

        I think it must be down to the iPad. It tends to struggle on liked page message boxes. Might be able to on the PC… But if you initiate problem go away 😜

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  5. The first question was the best: “Is there a difference between being optimistic and having optimism.” Major difference, as you aptly pointed out.
    I think one can actual be optimistic and look at things without the rose coloured glasses. Everything that shows up in our field of consciousness is there for a purpose. These experiences may not be all that pleasant, but an optimist will see why they are there and learn what to do with them, making every experience of life a positive… no matter what gets thrown at them.

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    1. I agree 🙂 I was naturally optimisitc growing up, lost it somewhere along the way, went through many phases and now after many years of forcing myself I am back to the state of being optimistic vs “feeling” optimistic. Thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂

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    1. I think that’s a fine line to walk and they key is balance. It’s good to be realistic but it’s good to focus on the good things because too many times the mind can pick up on the negative and overlook the positive things. I’m so happy that you are on the path of healing, may it continue until you get what you need and you can move forward healed, whole and radiant! Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment Lori. 🙂

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