Last Day!

Last day of this weekend’s meet and greet! If you haven’t stopped by you’re missing out! Not because I’m hosting, but because of the quality of interaction in this meet and greet! You guys are what make this successful! I’m not going to lie this is my favorite one so far! Just when I think they can’t get any better you guys surprise me! Thank you to everyone that’s participated so far! If you haven’t stopped by, you aren’t too late. If you haven’t been by today, swing back around because there are some beautiful things going on over here. Engage with your fellow bloggers and see what dreams they just might make come true!

When You Grow Up themed meet & greet

19 Replies to “Last Day!”

  1. How often do you host these meet and greets is my first question this fine Sunday morning? Ramblings thus far here have been most…serendipitous and, based on previous conversations with the hostess with the mostest…source of that cliche is absent in my memory box…have been rather unexpected…not that that means grim…far from it… Rich and varied with a dose of universal inevitability and madness….to wit I shall refrain from quoting a favourite author that generated the jabberwocky ode…and a Hatter that was wonderfully performed by an equally mad actor…sequel coming…a word…brilliant πŸ™ƒ

    I love meeting new bloggers…shameless self promotion of my aspiring author come buy my first book if it ever gets published? No…I stick by, I love meeting new bloggers….definition…new…not new new as new is me…newbie…. New to me yes but probably not new to blogging…old fits better there but not old old as in ancient, though some might be…but that’s not whist because I’m an old newbie….but then again age is relative…and I now walk on sticky ground….rephrase….I love meeting fellow bloggers I’ve not yet encountered.

    I digress, I live here.

    I would indeed be honoured if anyone wishes to visit, comment, like, hate, follow, run away. It matters not…the chance to meet and engage does. You are all lovely people…presumptuous yes, but the host is uber cool and those I’ve met thus far are equally held in high esteem….so you see, feel qualified in saying you are all lovely people.

    There ends my ramble 😜

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    1. Hahahahaha Gary you crack me up! To answer the question at hand, every other weekend πŸ˜‰ Thank you for the lovely compliment. You had me cracking up with all of the thoughts in one comment and yet I had no problem following where your mind was going πŸ˜‰

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      1. Oh no…every other weekend?? That means I have to keep watch over cosmic alignment fields to ensure the universe wants me to clog up your blog…that rhymes…clog the blog… Where was I? Cosmic alignment fields….yes, every two weeks…. That’s (insert choice expletive) brilliant.

        I rather think your mind is disturbed if you can follow the above…mine is…must be if I declared that having written it…terrible admission that…note to self…SHHH

        I wonder if I should actively refrain from posting comments for the intervening week to allow you time to do stuff instead of pondering nostalgia induced weirdisms…that’s not a word I don’t think…it should be as it works for me, at least in this context. Your blog says Simple Life….I’m not sure this array of diverse rambles falls into that category…although maybe it does….

        Every other weekend πŸ€” This could be a tricky challenge; not the time betwixt meets but the no comments in between…is it possible I ask myself πŸ™ƒ


      2. Then the self challenge is vanquished post haste. I had a post post thought too…wasn’t planetary alignment field used by Davros in a Dr Who episode in an attempt to detonate the reality bomb and pursuade every atom in existence not to, in fact, exist? I’m sure it was. Hey, you actually get crickets?? They make noises, my tumbleweed is mostly silent πŸ€’

        If I see you in my reader then such a courteous invitation will now become a must do…I thought you went out walk and all that πŸ˜‡

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      3. Yeah not as many anymore but every now and then it happens… these are silent crickets though, the ones that stop making noise so you don’t find them πŸ˜‰ Yeah we are back from our walk, 3.5 miles tuckered the girls out and now I get to blog while the little one sleeps as I’ve helped the oldest with homework and can check that off my list of motherly duties for the day πŸ˜‰

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      4. Oh…I so get that…I was mummy daddy for mine too….which was an eye opener I have to say πŸ˜‡ I reckon posting at the wrong time of day can assist the growth of tumbling weed according to my insights. One is adjusting this to check 😁 Time management is my biggest flaw though. CEO author me minuted a board meeting with me to establish blogging should really be a weekend thing based on addictive behaviour and…editing needs doing…this week in fact…one last push and my book should end draft four and then require a publishing decision…or…draft five to avoid it πŸ€”

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      5. Yes managing blog time is really difficult because I want to do it all of the time! I post daily so it takes a lot of time and work but I just make sure to do as much of it as possible once the girls are in bed…best of luck with your book!!! Can’t wait to see when you publish it, if you’d like a beta reader, I’d be happy to volunteer (just found out those existed thanks to my friend Kim that has joined the space adventure with you and Simon and that I tagged along for) πŸ™‚

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      6. That addictive talk that is 😁

        At weekends I spend too much time on here now. So far it’s holding fast during the week but I foresee it might try and encroach. One must attempt time management. Or at least feign a reasonable effort before jumping in. I saw that tag and still have to look up this blog battle thing Simon posted. Beta readers are hard to come by when you are looking…I mean that’s a shed load of time in the making and also a time investment for the reader. Mines been read chapter by two and only one has seen the revised full manuscript. They like it but I’m struggling with my own thoughts there. Let me get to the end of this week to try and finalise the latest draft and I may need a totally fresh pair of eyes to take a look. Decisions on what to do next too….I hate decision making…my latest today was need a new boiler and that hurt the wallet πŸ€”

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      7. Well, I’m on track…chapter ten arrived at today so should be through to the end by Friday…trouble is I could find something to tweak forever and still miss things because it’s now so familiar I’ve lost the plot and now think it’s rubbish !!! Next weekend I should be in a position to risk ridicule 😱

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      8. I think so…it’s dragged too long. I prevaricate don’t you know…or guessed… To avoid deciding what to do with it…I’m excellent at that…it’s a hobby…prevaricating that is…but you are right. The focus was to publish and get at least one copy in my hand so I can say ‘I made this’ πŸ˜‡

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      9. I think you are right…I say too long it was written in about two months…sat a while…and under two reader pressures I took up editing in January along with the blog. Create a presence so by the time it’s ready I can at least say there is an online presence aware of my stuff. There was a plan…and my date for the next phase was always end of this week… Thank you for inadvertantly pouting this out πŸ˜‡

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