Meet & Greet! When You Grow Up

This event is now closed. Thank you to everyone that participated! The energy and conversation was amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with each of you, getting to know you better and was so impressed with your dreams! There was great conversation and amazing connections made and even a blog collaboration was dreamed and will soon come to fruition… I don’t know how we’ll top this one, but we’ll give it a try in 2 weeks! See you April 29th!

Welcome back to another meet and greet weekend! For this event, I’d like to explore what you’d want to be “when you grow up” if there were no limits. If money, school, location, or any other factors were no problem, what would you want to be? Maybe you are already living the dream, maybe you had a childhood dream you want to live out, maybe you went to school but aren’t satisfied and would start over, it’s up to you!

The rules of engagement-

  1. Comment on what you’d want to be when you grow up if there were nothing that could limit you!

  2. Leave a link to a post or blog other than your own.

  3. Leave a link to your blog or a specific post.

  4. Share, Share, Share! Spread the word via social media or reblog.

Don’t be afraid to get creative! Let your inner child come out! Have fun!

If you don’t mind doing me a favor, could you spread the word about the Kindness Challenge I’m hosting in May? This is not required to participate in the Meet & Greet, I’d just appreciate it if you’d spread the word on social media using the tag #RevofKindness.


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  1. When I “grow up” I want to be a geologist! It combines many elements of my passions in life into one profession. Plus this would bring out the explorer in me as a child digging through dirt, looking for treasure and such!

    This blogger found me a few days ago through the A-Z Challenge and I loved his theme! He’s highlighting different cities in India. This is was the first post I read-

    Thanks for joining!!

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  2. Love being the first to comment.

    My childhood dream was to be a doctor. If I could go back and do it all over again, I would have applied to medical school and worried less about money/future. With my love of sports, I would have liked to be an sports medicine doctor.

    A great blog which found me through another person (Kim K.) is a lovely lady named Miriam. She posts about her travels, camping, and living in Australia. It is about as close as I can get to the Outback:

    As for me I just uploaded my most recent post for the A to Z Challenge. For the month I am focusing on the search for happiness:

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  3. I wanted to be an astronaut when I was a kid. The whole concept of outer space just boggles the mind. I mean, can you imagine being “up there” looking back at earth?! That would blow my mind 🙂

    I have been struggling for the last couple of hours to pick a blog. I’m seriously spoiled for choice … So many fascinating blogs, written by incredible people – who interact! So, I’m going to mention one I just discovered …
    I only found Lisa’s blog today and it’s a light, entertaining series of posts on her family:

    My own blog is:

    Thanks again for such a great opportunity Niki! xx

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    1. Hello Kim, I visited you blog and at once found myself admiring the pictures of Beautiful Nature! Undoubtedly, I scrolled down to see all of your recent posts! It is admirable, your penchant to travel and capture Nature’s aesthetics in frames! 🙂

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      1. Thank you so much!! That kind of feedback just convinced me I’m on the right track sharing my travels with all you wonderful fellow bloggers! I was offline all day yesterday so I have a lot of blogs to check out … Starting with yours 🙂

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      2. You are on the right track, Kim and keep moving on this track! You never know how many people may discover your blog, and feel pacified watching those soothing pictures of Nature! 🙂 You never know how much difference it makes to share optimistic thoughts! It spreads like ripplse in a pond!
        Thank you, I will be happy to welcome you on my blog! And thanks to Nikki once again! 🙂

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  4. Hey Niki, I always loved music and writing when I was young (still do in fact) so maybe combining the two and becoming a writer for a music magazine traveling the world and listening to the most amazing bands and artists. Now that would be awesome.

    I was going to nominate Kris of Seeking a Life Full of Laughter, which is funny as she nominated me (thanks Kris) but another great blogger I’ve found is Zach at He’s really made me think and look at things differently at a crucial time in my life when big changes seem to be all around me.

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  5. Reblogged this on Out an' About and commented:
    Join Niki, come and relive your youth and childhood dreams and meet other awesome bloggers at this week’s Meet and Greet. A great way to connect and spread the love. What a wonderful way to start the weekend.

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  6. I wanted to be a space man when I grew up! I still would, however I don’t think they’ve yet made the rocket powerful enough to get me up! lol

    This is a blog post from my friend Morgan that I liked:

    This is apost from my blog, it’s part three of a short story I’m writing:

    Thanks for running this yet again Niki – you’re a star!

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    1. Cool dream fact very serendipitous, I’ve had a conversation today with Niki about stuff in space and one of my dreams was the Astro-biologist that is the first to try and control an anxiety attack looking at something newly discovered on another moon or planet that’s says we are not the first beings here 🙃

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      1. Yes, mostly novels that I’m uncertain of publishing…or where come to that…but that’s another prevarication. A blog battle?? Say what? Newbie here…I have witnessed many doing the A to Z challenge and daily promote but blog battle is entirely new….speak on my new friend…speak on…

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      2. Well that went pear shaped…liking my own comment…how naff is that 🤔 Friends I take anywhere and everywhere….although metaphorically speaking in turn of phrase. Literally speaking fuel costs alone would become onerous. I am quite intrigued to learn of this blog pugilistic pursuit 🤕

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      3. I’m at the seriously got to start thinking stage. The one I’m working on is out of genre (to me) chick lit come contemporary fiction. My main style is horror and/fantasy fiction/ supernatural. By the end of the coming week I should be about done with my fourth draft. One readers come back to me this weekend with a thumbs up. So thinking time is looming. Will check out that link so thanks for that Simon 😊

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      4. I think you should, when I get chance I’ll send you links to blogs that publish work. Where are you in the world?
        Look forward to seeing you in the blog battles

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      5. I’m currently in the UK…well England to be more precise in a general sort of way. I’ve got an email address on my contacts page if it’s easier to send links there. Blog battles sound very sinister too….but one will certainly be taking a look. One thing has really caught me out in the blogosphere and that’s all the challenges….I never expected that aspect at all 🙃

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      6. The blog battle is great fun – its a contest of bloggers short stories. I’m the UK too as it happens, I think I can point you to bloggers who have or are having their work published.
        BTW – I had an idea today from someone about a feature which is essentially Simon’s Spaceship, with crew members (i.e. other bloggers) joining in and blogging on their roles. It’s kind of like what we talked about earlier. The idea needs fleshing out but are you interested?

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      7. That might be useful Simon…advice is always useful when it comes to making the right decision. It’s a mine field out there 👷

        That idea might be a bit of fun and any writing is practice yes? Might well be interested so keep me posted 🙃

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      1. Hi Kim, of course you can. Whats your specialty? Flight officer, engineering? Or something else?
        You’re on board whatever as nd this is a great idea of having a space crew. Thank you for stepping up. 😃

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      2. Oh I’d love to pilot the space craft! Or maybe just co-pilot as I’m thinking you’ll be our fearless commander. Plus I’m not exactly qualified but I have had some flying lessons if that counts??! From the comments it looks like Gary is on the crew too 😀

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      3. Gary is on the crew, if I’m the fearless commander I need a second in command. As it was your idea, maybe it could be you. I’m sure you’ll be a master pilot! 😃

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      4. I’m thinking about having say a monthly feature where I set a scenario as captain I’ll write it out an issue orders, you as the crew write about it from your point of view. What do you think?

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      5. I think that’s really original. I haven’t come across anything like it. It’s got the potential to be interesting but amusing too. I should tell you in advance, I have no creative writing skills … I haven’t written anything creative for, Ohhh about 25 years lol.

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      6. Watch this space Niki, I’ll be designing and creating the Simon’s spaceship feature and I’ll be looking for crew. If you’re interested… let me know 😃

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      7. OK then – done. You can be a science officer with a specialism in Geology. Welcome aboard! Now I need to create this whole thing, get more crew and create a space craft. Easy eh? lol

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      8. Alright team, we are going to await further orders from commanding officer Simon. Simon I’ll let you proceed with issuing the orders. I’m mean and close comments on meet and greets on Monday so that the bloggers that participated during the event are showcased and those that missed out can participate at the next one 😉

        Closing comments…now!


  7. I think I would live in a country side villa in Europe. I would love to travel and be a food and wine critic. The pairing of the both with exotic and new foods would be a dream come true.

    A blog I absolutely love to read every day is Proud to Be Step. She wrote this wonderful piece about being a stepmom on Mother’s Day today for the letter M in the A-to-Z Challenge.

    I also wrote about being a stepmama on Mother’s Day for the challenge.
    How Mother’s Day for her is not exactly how Mother’s Day is for me. I love the two different perspecitves, yet we both have the same strong feelings towards this special day honoring all the mother’s in our lives and our stepkids.

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    1. I’m with you. Traveling, eating, drinking and getting paid to do it would be awesome. Years ago I won a trip to Tuscany where we stayed in a villa and had cooking lessons for three days. It was the most amazing experience. To do that for a living and a lifestyle would be pretty amazing.

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