A-Z Challenge: Misunderstood or Mislabeled?

This is part of my A-Z Challenge posts. In following my theme of emotions and states of being, this is where “M” took my writing.

Being a free-thinker doesn’t make you rebellious. Having a degree doesn’t make you intelligent. Your job doesn’t define who you are. Having money doesn’t mean you are happy. Outer beauty isn’t indicative of inner beauty. Wanting to be with someone doesn’t make you clingy. Being confident isn’t cocky. Setting boundaries doesn’t mean you’re selfish. Being different doesn’t make you weird. Loving books doesn’t make you a nerd. Being quiet doesn’t make you anti-social. Being kind doesn’t mean you’re weak. Being innocent doesn’t mean you’re naive. Giving the benefit of the doubt doesn’t make you gullible. Saying no doesn’t make you mean. Making mistakes doesn’t mean you’re a failure. You’re age isn’t a correlation of your maturity. The length of your relationship isn’t an indication of its stability. Your Facebook photos aren’t validation of your inner happiness. Your social media contacts don’t equate to the number of true friends you have.  Being popular doesn’t mean you are well liked. Being well liked doesn’t mean you are a good person. Being a good person doesn’t mean you can’t do bad things. Making bad choices doesn’t mean you are a bad person. If you’re a bad person that doesn’t mean you aren’t capable of change.


What are your thoughts? Was I able to show how easy it is to be misunderstood? I’m not a fan of labels mainly because they seem to be negative in nature. I don’t think they are very productive because you can’t just reduce the many aspects that make up an individual to a label. Are you misunderstood or mislabeled? Do you choose to label yourself? Have you realized that you do?

 This post is part of the A-Z challenge. For details on the challenge, click here.

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16 Replies to “A-Z Challenge: Misunderstood or Mislabeled?”

  1. I love this one, Niki. You’ve illustrated the problem of labels very clearly. Labels don’t allow for individual situations or circumstances. They don’t take into consideration the reasons behind a person’s actions. Perhaps I’m quiet, not because i”m anti-social, but because I’m listening to the conversation and being attentive? Rather than a sign of weakness, perhaps my kindness to others is a sign of my strength or of my ability to be forgiving if that kindness is directed towards someone who was hurtful. Excellent post! 🙂

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