A-Z Challenge: Kindness

This is part of my A-Z Challenge posts. My theme for the challenge is emotions and states of being.

In light of the Kindness Challenge I’m hosting in May, I can’t think of a more fitting emotion or state of being to focus on. What does it mean to be kind? Who are you kind to? Does kindness come easily to you? What opportunities of kindness are presented in your everyday life? What acts of kindness happen around you? Are you attuned to kindness? Is kindness overshadowed? Is there more kindness in your life and the world around you than you realize?

These are all aspects that we are going to explore on our journey in the Kindness Challenge. I encourage you to check out the main page for more information as well as the details and sign up page (both listed at the end of this post). My hope is that by focusing on specific aspects of kindness for a week at a time that there will be a shift and transformation in your life. If you want to live a more kind centered life, contribute to making the world a better place, be an example to those around you or just have more positivity in your own life, this is the challenge for you. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that you are reading this.


Don’t let the word “challenge” get you down. This isn’t a challenge in the struggle sense of the word, more like a dare, or a goal. I dare you to focus on the topic of the week geared to help you focus on kindness and see how that will transform the way you see things. The challenge starts May 9th and continues for seven weeks. As far as blogging, I prompt you to write about it once a week. You may choose to post about it more or less, that’s completely up to you. There are no strict rules as I want as many people to participate as possible and the more requirements the more restrictive. So feel free to jump in at any point although to get the most out of it I suggest you starting the journey from day 1.

Jump onto the details and sign up page to see why others have already committed to this challenge. Leave a note telling what prompted you to commit or just leave a “yes” to confirm your intention to focus on kindness in the weeks to come. I’m really excited to go through this journey with you, hear your stories, see the pictures and experience this transformation with you. In the meantime I leave you with the following links in hopes that you choose to join me and those already signed up on this Revolution of Kindness!

Background on how this idea came about

Details for the challenge as well as sign up page

Don’t wait for the challenge to start being more kind!

This post is part of the A-Z challenge. For details on the challenge, click here.

Core post summing up what the challenge is about, why I signed up, and what my theme is.

Challenge Posts- you can find all of the posts here.

The Richness of a Simple Life- N° 427

15 Replies to “A-Z Challenge: Kindness”

  1. I also posted on kindness (which is scheduled to post in about 30 minutes). I think kindness can help us achieve peace and happiness. However, one of the most overlooked aspects of kindness, is being kind to ourselves.

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  2. Kindness is a prerequisite for any of the people in my life. I only like to hang with kind people. Kindness is so easy and so free. You’re right: there is so much kindness around us that we often miss it because we’re so self-focused with our busy lives. But it’s out there!
    I’m a very kind person but I often am not kind to myself, which I need to fix…

    Great post!

    Michele at Angels Bark

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