A-Z Challenge- The Many Faces of Intolerance

This is part of my A-Z Challenge posts. Emotions are my theme for this challenge. Intolerance was the state of being I chose for today’s contribution.

There she goes making another one of her terrible decisions again. Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe we’re related.

Just because my choices are different, doesn’t make them bad. They might not work for the rest of the family but I’m living life for me not their opinion of what my life should be.

I’ll never understand how someone gets to the point that they’re homeless.

I never thought I’d be in this position but once it rained it poured. With all of the health expenses for Jane’s treatments, then getting laid off, having to make payments on the healthcare and arrange the funeral. It was just too much. Before I knew it, the house went under and then I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t have anyone I could turn to for help and so sleeping in my car was the best option until it got stolen. Then I thought, what’s the point. I have no home since Jane isn’t here to be in it with me. 

I’d disown my son if he were gay.

I’ll tell them soon, but just wait for the holidays to pass; I don’t want to ruin the last time I’ll be able to celebrate with my family, once they find out I’m marrying another man I won’t be welcome anymore.

I’d kick my daughter out if she got pregnant as a teen!

I’m going to run away. It’s the only way. They just won’t understand. 

I’d move out of my neighborhood if those people moved in!

Finally! We never thought we’d find a place that we could call our own. Our kids will have their own rooms and be able to play with other kids at the park down the street. We’ll host a dinner party and invite all of the neighbors over to get to know them.

I’d quit my job before I let some woman tell me what to do!

10 years and 5 promotion interviews later and I’m finally taken seriously. Maybe this time will be the one! I’ve been the most qualified person here for years. 

I’d sever all ties with my daughter if she married a colored man!

It’s time we tell them that we aren’t just coworkers. They’re going to find out once the baby is born anyway. If they don’t accept you then they can’t be in our lives because we are a family now and this baby needs to be surrounded by unconditional love.

I can’t stand my neighbors and their huge family.

No matter what anyone thinks, just remember we’re all that we have left. After Grandpa died, it only made sense that Grandma came to stay with us. Auntie Jessie and the kids will move out once they can get back on their feet when Uncle Sam recovers from his accident. It could take months, it could take years but that’s what family is for.

What kind of message are they sending their kids being covered in tattoos like that!

No, you’re not a nerd, don’t let what other people say change who you are. It’ good that you like to read so much and learn about different things. It doesn’t matter what other people think of you, what’s important is that you’re true to yourself.

Nothing but immigrants in this area! You should go back to where you came from!

We came here to build a better life for us and our kids. I wish we could go back home, I miss my country, the people, the food. We just can’t go back with all of the violence, corruption, and lack of opportunity. The adults were only eating once a day so the kids could eat. Our next door neighbor’s baby died of malnutrition and I knew that we weren’t far from it. If we didn’t leave, we wouldn’t live much longer.

We’ve been here for five generations and we still aren’t seen as American.  Sometimes I think about moving to a foreign country to see if I’m more accepted. If not, at least it would make sense as to why I’m rejected…

He must not love himself or care about his health. I’ll never understand how people let themselves get that heavy.

I didn’t just suddenly wake up this way. It happened slowly over time and just got to the point that I didn’t know what to do about it. I want to get in shape and be more active but I just don’t know where to start. I can’t go to the gym because everyone there is already in shape, I tried that last year and everyone stared at me the whole time. 

When’s the last time she had a date with the same guy twice?

It’s been so hard to get back out in the dating world. Where do you meet someone? Hi, I’m not into playing games. I just want to meet someone that’s genuine, likes me for me and that’s ready for a committed relationship… Usually not the best way to start off a date but after the first one, I can tell they aren’t there for the committed relationship part.

People need to learn to speak my language!

I get so nervous to talk because people are always laughing and making fun of  my accent. I know four languages but of course I know how to read and write better than speak it.

Hopefully you don’t get Ms. Erickson’s as a teacher. She never just gives you a grade, she always has something to say.

I hope that my students appreciate the feedback on their term papers. I clear out my weekend to sit down and read each one and provide them personalized feedback so they can take that and build upon it when they move on from my class. 

They are such pushovers. They need to be more strict and disciplinary parents. Their kids are going to run all over them when they get older.

It’s always been important that we treat our kids like the little people they are. We never wanted to quiet their voices or ground the spunk out of them because we knew those voices would be harder to speak up for themselves when they get older and if we made them feel like that spunk was bad they might not ever get it back.

Let me state for the record that this post was written using paraphrased comments of conversations I’ve heard in shopping centers in passing, words I’ve read behind the anonymity of a computer at the end of news articles, or summaries of situations I’ve observed. Intolerance can come in many forms, from overt and disgusting to subtle and condescending. At the end of the day, we have to be aware of our own intolerance in order to change it. There are many aspects that I didn’t touch on and all of these were hard to type. They were uncomfortable but I felt it was important to acknowledge it in order to be aware that changes need to be made. We need to learn to be more sympathetic and understanding of others and it starts with each one of us doing our part.


This post is part of the A-Z challenge. For details on the challenge, click here.

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11 Replies to “A-Z Challenge- The Many Faces of Intolerance”

  1. This is very well written and thought-provoking. It’s a great reminder to everyone, most of all myself. The world can change if we just try to implement those changes in our daily lives. This is one of the best blog entries I’ve read during this challenge. Dawn

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This was a very challenging subject to touch on and I wasn’t sure how to go about it but I think it came together how I intended. It starts with us doesn’t it? If everyone is conscious of their actions and kind and accepting of their fellow man, there’d be less of what we see on the news. I encourage you to sign up for the kindness challenge I’m hosting in May, we’ll be focusing on different ways to be kind for 7 weeks. I’m going it will change people’s lives. Wow thank you for such a touching compliment Dawn! That’s very humbling.

      Liked by 1 person

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