Posts you may have missed

With all of the things going on in life and the blogosphere, I’m sure there’s some posts you may have missed, so if you want to check out some you might have missed out on, here’s some of what’s gone on in the past month-

The A-Z Challenge started on the 1st and here’s the link for the posts I’ve written so far

I wrote about the unexpected way a local artist spreads happiness to strangers

I wrote my first guest post for a fellow blogger about focusing on the positive

I hosted my own first guest post by another blogger on my blog

Upon reaching 500 followers, I rolled out the details to the first challenge I’m hosting in May

A post on sharing the not so secret recipe to my small blog success

I opened up about the next step I’m taking!

Well there you have it! Whenever I do posts like this I realize how much has gone on even though it doesn’t feel like it when I spend hours prepping and only have a post to show for it… Did you miss any of these posts the first time around? What was your favorite post you read here recently? If there were one that you’d share with someone which would it be? Just curious to see what you like since there are so many different things discussed over here. 🙂

Thanks for reading!



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