Flashback Fit Friday!

My daughter had a dance performance last night and I spent my blog time doing last minute seamstress repairs to her outfit…I’m no seamstress so it took much longer than I hoped. So today is another recycled post!

I hope that you’re doing great on your fitness journey! I’m stalled at the moment, not gaining or losing but I’ll take that as a win for right now. My work contract ends at the end of the month so I plan on putting more focus on my health and fitness as I enter May because I’ll have a little extra time and that’s where it will go- towards juicing and exercising. In the meantime, I’m going to keep up good eating habits, drink plenty of water and stay as active as I can.

How’s your fitness journey going? Are you making goals? Are you sticking to them? Seeing results? Do you need to find a fitness partner to keep you accountable? Share your experience to keep us all motivated! Happy Friday!

Flashback Fit Friday Post

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