#MomLife Monday: Step 3- Live It!

Every month, my husband and I are focusing on the 12 steps to becoming more gentle parents. This is something that’s important to me, I see the value in treating my children like little people. Respecting them, offering them choices, allowing for their voice to be heard, giving them opportunities to exercise good decision-making skills, and promoting a healthy balanced relationship. The first two steps were to slow down and listen. This month it was to live it- or lead by example.

pexels-photo-large (23)

This step was easier than the previous two as it’s in my nature. I’m the type of person that what you see is what you get. I am the same at home as I am at the store. I’m the kind of person that my face gives me away every time (this can be good and bad depending on the situation…). I also remember being a child and hating the “do as I say not as I do” mentality I observed in adults around me. One of my main goals as a parent from the time I found out I was pregnant was to set a good example for my children. I don’t want them to look back and remember someone that told them what to do but lived a life contrary to what they said. Besides, what better way to teach them than by showing them? While this step came a little more naturally to me, I still had to remember that I needed to build upon the previous two steps because the more I practice the more natural they will come.

Are you currently joining me in the effort to become a more gentle parent? Have you checked out the 12 steps? If you didn’t start in January, don’t think you have to wait until next year! We are starting off a new month so feel free to start step 1 now! Are you and your partner doing this together? Do you have any experiences, stories or books that you’d like to share with other parents or parents to be? Does leading by example come naturally to you? If not, is it something you’ve focused on and gotten better at? Is it something that you need to focus on?

In April, the focus is to breathe! Not letting yourself get overwhelmed by the day to day and focusing on the here and now. If  you’re a regular, you know I’m all about that!

7 Replies to “#MomLife Monday: Step 3- Live It!”

  1. Again its so funny that I end up being the first one commenting on a few of your parenting tips but they are so irresistible that I end up in doing them 😀 I must say this one caught my attention totally, since I just saw in one of the social medias a video of the behaviour of parents and how children learn from that. It is so awesome that you are a person of action and not just words and your kids will love you for that Nikki 🙂

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  2. I feel the same as you Niki, I like to teach by example and from an early age have always tried to instill the right behavior in my kids. It starts at an early stage and now, at 15 and 17 I’m so proud of their values, the respect they have for others and the manners they show. A lovely post Niki.

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