Reblog! C- Coward (A – Z CHALLENGE)

Another C post for the A-Z Challenge. My friend Brooke at theutopiauniverse talks about ways to get over cowardly feelings. I found it quite fitting as my post for the letter C was courage, you have to look beyond your cowardly feelings to see where your courage is housed. Great post Brooke!


images C letter

Coward – Why should anyone feel like a coward, most of the time, if we feel this way, it will be due to a fear, fobia that needs to be addressed. This is a time when your thoughts and beliefs affect the way you feel and behave, when there is more negative than positive. In this type of case you need to have a happy place, somewhere you can go in your mind, where you feel happy and safe, this can be an imaginery place or a real memory, practice going there, when you have a moment of feeling a coward, take your thoughts directly to your happy and safe place, after a time with practice, you will do this automatically and what gives you the feeling of being a coward, will start to fade away.

images Lion coward

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